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BWW Blog: 28 Plays in 28 Days

Queer playwrights/plays everyday for the month of February.

BWW Blog: 28 Plays in 28 Days

Last December, I made a 31 plays by BIPOC playwrights in 31 days reading list. Now, I give you a 28 plays by queer playwrights in 28 days reading list. Shoutout to The New Play Exchange.

We have some of my all time favorites like Jen Silverman and Jan Rosenberg. I reread their plays as if the meaning of life is hidden in text.

I could only choose so many Rachel Lynett and Gina Femia plays...I could make a whole calendar of just their plays... better yet an advent calendar, but it counts down to pride month instead of the holidays!

If you joined in December, you know the drill.

Contact me on social media (@macymcowart) or through my website Let me know that you would like to be added to the February play reading list and I will get you set up!

I will add the list of plays below.

Hope ya can join!

Collective Rage by Jen Silverman

Allond(R)a by Gina Femia

The Place That Made You by Darcy Parker Bruce

Frozen Fluid by Fly Jamerson

Epiphany by Amy Berryman

Teach by Donna Hoke

Ballast by Georgette Kelly

As I Was, Not as I Am by Alice Hakvaag

All the Sex I Want by Ben M Jones

An Abstinent Orgy; or Two Pigeons Fighting Over a Hotdog by Bailey Jordan Garcia & Taylor Monet Welch

Transgressions by A.A. Brenner

The Lesbian Play by Riley McCarthy

The Beasts of Warren by Azure D Osborne-Lee

GUSHER! By Jan Rosenberg

Opus: The Totally Real, Not Made Up Story of a Boy and His Skeleton by River Timms

Slack Water by Nelle Tankus

Brunch by Maya Macdonald

An Oddity Obsessive (Or) The Oddities of Onyx's Obsessions by Reinette LeJeune Choosing You by Rachel Lynett

Wink by Jen Silverman

For Leonora, or, Companions by Haley St. James

You Got That Same Kind of Lonely (A Fictionally Non-Accurate Historical KiKi) by Andrew Rincon

And Certain Women by Shualee Cook

Can I Hold You? A New Play on Asexuality by Kari Barclay

Annie and the Fat Man by Gina Femia

Emily Drivers Great Race Through Time and Space by A.A. Brenner Sensitive Guys by MJ Kaufman

How to Destroy an American Girl Doll by Jan Rosenberg

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