VIDEO: 42ND STREET Performers Create Tribute to Goodspeed Musicals in New Dance Short Film

The piece is a tribute to Goodspeed Musicals and travels through several locations in and around the historic Goodspeed Opera House.

By: Feb. 17, 2023

Inspired by the beauty in and around the iconic Goodspeed Musicals, Derek Luscutoff and Kirsty Fuller-performers in Goodspeed's 2022 production of 42nd Street-have directed, choreographed, and performed in a new dance short film, "I Double Dare You."

Watch the short film below!

The piece is a tribute to Goodspeed Musicals and travels through several locations in and around the historic Goodspeed Opera House. Derek and Kirsty have collaborated with fellow performer and cinematographer/editor Lamont Brown to create a brand new work with a vintage feel.

"Our short film 'I Double Dare You' encapsulates the style of musical theatre dance we love most-a little bit of jazz, a little bit of tap, a little bit of swing, and a lot of personality," said co-creator Derek Luscutoff. "Kirsty and I had been wanting to create a dance piece on film for years, and we were thrilled to have had the opportunity at Goodspeed! This will always be a preserved memory of our time here!"

Derek and Kirsty were swings on 42nd Street and worked closely with director/choreographer Randy Skinner and associate director/choreographer Sara Brians in the pre-production process for the reimagined production at Goodspeed. Although not onstage every night, Derek and Kirsty kept themselves inspired and creative through working on this short film. Co-creator Kirsty Fuller said, "When you are a swing, you miss being part of telling a story each night with the company. What started as a little idea when talking at the dinner table of our swing house turned into a full-on collaborative passion project. We wanted to find a place to remember our time together and thank those who inspired our journey!"

The choreography and beautiful locations in "I Double Dare You" were seamlessly captured on film and edited by Lamont Brown, who played Andy Lee in Goodspeed's 42nd Street. Several designers, crew members, and staff members involved in the production were also instrumental creating the short film. It will surely put a smile on your face or get your toes tapping!

The song "I Double Dare You" was written by Terry Shand with lyrics by Jimmy Eaton, recorded by Larry Clinton And His Orchestra, and sung by Bea Wain. Interior footage: costume design by Kara Harmon, wig design by J. Jared Janas, and wig technician-Braxton Cooper. Onstage footage: lighting design by Jordan Bliese & Lamont Brown, set design by Michael Carnahan, and run crew-Aaron Frongillo & Kailee Goodine. Special thanks to Goodspeed Musicals, Donna Lynn Hilton, David B. Byrd, Red Hanger Productions, Richard Winkler, Bri Alayne Soekoe, Bradley G. Spachman, Naomi Anhorn, Tony Beck, Katie Desjardins, and Lamont Brown.