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Review: WHO'S HOLIDAY! at Castle Craig Players

A comedy with a twist of rhyme

Review: WHO'S HOLIDAY! at Castle Craig Players Review: WHO'S HOLIDAY! at Castle Craig Players Review: WHO'S HOLIDAY! at Castle Craig Players

Two weeks before Christmas my wife and I'd go

To Meriden to see a phenomenal show

The Castle Craig Players have done it again

At the Memorial Playhouse of Almira F. Stephan

A first rate performance we highly enjoyed

With Dr. Seuss characters this show has toyed

A sequel twist makes this story new

It is the tale of an all grown up Who

I don't mean the group known for "My Generation"

Nor the source of Lou Costello's frustration

I mean Cindy Lou Who, the girl in pink pajamas

Who's life turns would mortify the Who mamas

Matthew Lombardo has written this well

It is Cindy Lou's perspective, that this play would tell

Oliver Kochol directs, yet not by himself

But with Ian Galligan, once Crumpet the Elf

This one woman show is an outstanding play

Showcasing the talents of Kelly Boucher

With great acting and singing, she kept our attention

She knew what to share and what words not to mention

With comedy and drama she makes us all feel

As if Cindy Lou's emotions and feelings are real

Cindy Lou recaps when she was a child

But as she grew up, her life got quite wild

She tells of her growing friendship with the Grinch

Who closer and closer to her heart he'd inch

It was on the birthday that she turned eighteen

That the Grinch showed his intent was obscene

When she married the Grinch, her life went downhill

She was ostracized from her life in Whoville

Making wise choices would soon be elusive

Her husband, the Grinch, became so abusive

What happens to Max, the dog is quite gory

But I won't reveal the rest of the story

The stunning set makes the quality of this show even higher

Built by Mark Laucella, Stanley Dewalt, and Bill Westermeyer

Michael Sottile works wonders with arrangements and score

"Blue Christmas" sounds more somber than ever before

For the production photos you see up there

The photography credit goes to Kevin McNair

I highly recommend, you see the show, too

But keep the kids home, I'm warning you

For all you gentlemen and all you ladies

This show crosses lines, like movies in the eighties

With language and content that can be quite shocking

And some parts some cultures may find to be mocking

The fourth wall gets broken so be quite prepared

Don't sit up in front if that makes you scared

The show plans to run through the 18th of December

Your masks and vaccination cards, you should remember

So please come see WHO'S HOLIDAY! and hear some great rhymes

You can click here for tickets and times

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