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Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! show poster

Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! at Studebaker Theater

Dates: (12/1/2022 - 7/25/2024 )


Studebaker Theater

410 S. Michigan Ave
Chicago,IL 60605

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  3. Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!

*Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!* is the National Public Radio’s Peabody Award-winning comedy news quiz show. Host Peter Sagal leads a rotating panel of comedians, writers, listener contestants, and celebrity guests through a rollicking review of the week’s news. Contestants vie for the most coveted prize in all of public radio: a custom-recorded greeting by any of our cast members for their voicemail. Every week, *Wait, Wait…. Don’t Tell Me!* records in front of a live audience, then carefully edits out all the raunchy, inappropriate, shocking, and hilarious stuff so we can broadcast something that doesn’t get NPR in trouble… well, more trouble. The only way you can find out what our panelists and guests really think about the news is to come see for yourself. And please—don’t tell NPR. Also, we’re all much more attractive than we sound.


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