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Romeo and Juliet at CST's Courtyard Theater




CST's Courtyard Theater

800 East Grand Avenue

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The greatest love story ever told, Shakespeare’s powerfully poetic and tragic tale of love and loss will steal your heart and leave you breathless. Transcending the hate of warring factions, in defiance of their parents and in secrecy from their closest friends, two young, star-crossed lovers risk all they have to be together. However, the same passion that stirs the lovers’ hearts also fuels the wrath of their feuding families and exacts heart-rending results.

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Photo Flash: First Look at Chicago Shakespeare Theater's ROMEO AND JULIET
November 06, 2019

A city, two households, and a hatred so old that no one remembers its cause. Defying the barriers forged from their families' enmity, Romeo and Juliet risk everything for love. Shakespeare sets his immortal tale against a community uprooted by conflict—as resonant today as it was 400 years ago. Armed only with their extraordinary capacity for love and imagination, Romeo and Juliet dare to inhabit a world where hearts are not ruled by hatred. In the uniquely personal setting of CST's Courtyard Theater, Artistic Director Barbara Gaines and her 25-person cast will make you feel every spark of emotion as tempers flare, families brawl, and love blazes. The production features Edgar Miguel Sanchez and Brittany Bellizeare as the star-crossed young lovers, joined by a talented ensemble cast, which includes Nate Burger, Cage Sebastian Pierre, Sam Pearson, Betsy Aidem, Darlene Hope, James Newcomb, Lia D. Mortensen, Dale Rivera, and Brianna Buckley.

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