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Euripides' Medea show poster

Euripides' Medea at Bump in the Night Theatre

Dates: (6/27/2024 - 7/7/2024 )


Bump in the Night Theatre

1439 W Jarvis Ave, Chicago, IL 60626
Chicago,IL 60626

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This summer Bump in the Night Theatre will produce their first show in Euripides’ Medea. This ancient story comes to life in this new bloody, magical adaptation of the Greek tragedy. 

Medea, a powerful sorceress and wife of the mythic hero Jason, finds her life beginning to crumble when her husband abandons her to marry the young princess of Corinth. When King Creon banishes her and her children from the kingdom she is forced to exact revenge on the men who have tried to destroy her.

This adaptation draws direct inspiration from modern woman-led horror movies to blend the ancient story with contemporary horror storytelling. It also amps up the themes of magic and divinity present in the original Euripides text to create a truly frightening yet sympathetic figure in the titular Medea. 

Medea is directed by BITN Artistic Director Garrett Michael McCann (he/him). The cast includes: Britt Nicholson (she/they) as Medea, Jason LaCombe (he/him) as Jason, Jerome R. Marzullo (he/him) as Creon/Aegeus, Audrey Busbee (she/they) as Chorus Leader, Edwina Luokkala-Burckhardt (she/her) as Nurse/Chorus, Dina Perez (she/her) as Tutor/Chorus, Jordan Levene (she/her) as Messenger/Chorus, & Amy Carter (she/they) as Glacue/Chorus. 

Bump in the Night Theatre is a horror theatre company dedicated to the mysterious, magical, and macabre. BITN began hosting events in 2023.

Medea opens at the Jarvis Square Theatre (1439 W Jarvis) on Thursday June 27th and runs until Sunday, July 7th. 

Tickets are $30.

June 27th at 7:30        July 5th at 7:30
June 28th at 7:30        July 6th at 3:00
June 29th at 7:30        July 6th at 7:30
June 30th at 3:00        July 7th at 3:00

Visit for tickets and more information.

For further information, contact:
Garrett McCann, Artistic Director


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