Review: WHO'S HOLIDAY at Open Stage

Find out what happened after How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

By: Nov. 26, 2023
Review: WHO'S HOLIDAY at Open Stage

Open Stage presents Matthew Lombardo’s Who’s Holiday under the direction of Chris Gibson and starring Rachel Landon as Cindy Lou Who. For anyone who has ever wondered what happened to a favorite character after the end of a book or movie, Who’s Holiday answers that question, telling the story of Cindy Lou Who after How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Cindy Lou Who’s life has not gone the way anyone expected, including her.

The lighting, music, props, and set welcome the audience into Cindy Lou’s trailer where she’s prepping for a holiday party. The trailer is delightfully decorated with Christmas lights and decorations, highlighting Cindy Lou’s hopes for a joyful holiday. The dialogue is written in rhyme, á la Dr. Seuss, yet Landon’s masterful delivery makes it sound completely natural.

Landon’s performance never fails to amaze. From the first moment she steps on stage, Landon is Cindy Lou Who. From her voice to her movements and expressions, she embodies the character from beginning to end. Her comedic timing is flawless, and the way in which she engages with the audience ensures that each performance offers something new. Even having seen Who’s Holiday two previous years, I found myself absolutely riveted once again. Landon’s performance takes the audience on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, swinging from the hilarious and raunchy to the depressing to the hopeful.

Who’s Holiday reminds us that, while life may not go the way we imagined, we can still find joy, love, friendship, and hope. The team at Open Stage steps up their game year after year with this adults-only holiday production. Audiences cannot help but laugh and cry as they spend some time with Cindy Lou Who in her trailer on the top of Mount Crumpit. For more information about Who’s Holiday, visit!