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Party music at its best


XL Live in Harrisburg was taken over by the crunchy sounds of Freekbass and the Bump Assembly on Friday. This Cincinnati funk band put on a great show for the small but appreciative crowd. The group played tune after tune that were slick, tight and ready for a party.

You Make Me Want to Dance has a great bass line and was the perfect antidote to get the crowd grooving. Mamma was a Cowboy had an infectious rhythm section. The Maze had a welcomed Chili Peppers vibe going on, while their cover of David Bowie' Fame was a worthy tribute.

Freekbass knows his instrument, and plays the bass with a sexy slap stick action that is as fun to watch as it is to listen to. He is a personable host and provides some welcomed background for songs that might not be immediately familiar to this inaugural Harrisburg audience.

Vocalist, Sammi Garett was a welcomed addition to the set. She and the band's own singer took turns on lead, and provided sweet harmonies as needed. Female-driven funk music is definitely an under-appreciated art.

The band has a new album out, Krameria. It is a great collection of tunes and reinforces the fact that Freekbass is a truly skillful bassist, front man, and producer. Look it up on your favorite streaming media service. The band is on tour through September. Check out their website for the latest info.

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