Casting: Sat. May 19 Noon to 4 pm

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Casting: Sat. May 19 Noon to 4 pm#1
Posted: 5/14/12 at 11:32am

Deanna Shapiro (prod.) is casting The UnBroken, a Western feature. In the unforgiving Old West, a young man fights to rescue a fiancé he's never met from a gang of outlaws led by the cold-blooded killer who murdered his mother and left him for dead the day he was born…his father. Kim Bass, writer-dir. Shoots approx. 10 weeks beginning Sept. 17, 2012 in NM.

Seeking—Sailor: female, 18, a beautiful and brave Irish immigrant just a few years off the boat, an orphan of Ireland's infamous potato famine, is trying to rebuild her life in a foreign land and living in a young woman's Catholic academy in Boston, is excited by both Colt's proposal of marriage and the prospect of venturing out into the American Wild West, travelling with her small pistol and sharp mind, manages to make her way west relatively unscathed, only hours away from her new life with a husband she loves but has never met, her stagecoach is attacked by outlaws, specifically seeking a British Isles accent (British, Irish, or Scottish), LEAD; Yellow Horse: male, 19, Native American, an impressive Apache Warrior, who just also happens to be Colt's best friend, though the two young men are from completely opposite worlds, they are more alike than they are different, and have built up a strong bond between them, has an easy humorous way about him when interacting with his friend, when his friend's mail-order bride gets kidnapped, he fearlessly joins Colt on his quest, defying the other warriors of his tribe in the process, LEAD.

Auditions will be held May 19 from noon to 4 p.m. at Actorfest Detroit at Raleigh Michigan Studios, 1999 Centerpoint Pkwy., Pontiac, MI. Actorfest takes place from 9 a.m.–6 p.m. Arrive at Actorfest as early in the day as possible; audition wait time may be several hours, and there is no guarantee that everyone will be seen. Bring multiple copies of your pix & résumés, stapled together. Attending the casting call is free; however, you must register to attend Actorfest in order to access the auditions. To register for Actorfest, visit; general admission to Actorfest is free and includes free access to the casting calls. Professional pay. SAG Contract.
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