Gabriele Tranchina To Perform At Feinstein's, 1/23


International jazz artist Gabriele Tranchina will perform at Feinstein's on Sunday, January 23rd at 8:30pm. Her set will include selections from her latest CD, A Song of Love's Color, available from Jazzheads Records.

Ms. Tranchina will be accompanied by composer and arranger Joe Vincent Tranchina on piano, Andy Eulau on bass, Bobby Sanabria on drums and Renato Thoms on percussion.

Feinstein's is located at the Loews Regency Hotel, 540 Park Avenue (at 61 Street), New York, NY 10021. Call (212) 339-4095 for reservations, or visit The cover charge is $25-$40 depending on seating.

Here's what the press is saying about A Song of Love's Color:

Gabrielle Tranchina started her singing career in Germany, specializing in Latin jazz. She does sing in Portuguese and Spanish, yes, but she doesn't stop there - she is also fluent in German, French and English. She uses all of these languages on her new CD - and even includes a prayer/chant in traditional Hindu. The pull-out quote on Tranchina's liner notes sums it up for us: "Crossing the bridge through music, drawing from the world's beauty and versatility." Well put.
Vox News All About Jazz-New York

Though female jazz vocalists tend to get lumped together, every once in a while, we get CD's that have the degree of talent & vigor in their performances that elevates them far above the level of "just another Lady Jazz singer"... Gabriele is certainly above the pack, & totally "international" in her appeal to your ears! It really doesn't matter what language she sings in, her energy, inflection and pure joy in the singing of it shines through for you to groove on. The title track, for instance, "A Song of Love's Color", opens with a wonderful blending of voices that punctuates the 4:58 piece wonderfully... for wonderful high-energy Latin flavors & shadings, you'll certainly dig on "Samba de Uma Nota Só"... beautiful rhythms that just won't quit. It was "Sing a Song of Children", with the sound of healing (through the lives of children, so artfully expressed by Gabriele) that captured my vote for favorite. I give this CD a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for any jazzers who love the sound of vibrant female vocals. The "EQ" (energy quotient) rating is 4.97. Get more information at JAZZHEADS!
Rotcod Zzaj Aka Dick Metcalf

A spiritual follow through to the sounds that flowed in the wake of Astrid Gilberto when people weren't thinking about concepts like world/jazz and foreign language vocals and the vibes just flowed. With Bobby Sanabria at the wheel, the Latin jazz aspect is a natch, and don't worry, he knows how to make the rest of the thing sound right as well. Bouncy, international flavored jazz/pop date that almost wants to make you put some paneling up in the rec room and drink some "Mad Men" drinks. Fun stuff.
Chris Spector, Midwest Record

It appears that exacting pitch is not really important in the grander scheme of things, for Gabriele Tranchina's singing. Although it seems likely that if she really wanted to this vocalist could nail the exacting pitch of the notes themselves with perfection, Tranchina eschews the exactitude of notation to scale impossible heights of emotion. In this respect she is like a storyteller who uses lyric passages to let tales of longing and other elusive emotions unfold with the songs she sings. As a vocalist Tranchina often coaxes her voice to stretch beyond its contralto comfort zone. This is no mean feat as there appears to be no strain at all. On the contrary, Tranchina never fails to surprise with the manner in which she is able to hold onto notes higher than her normal vocal range.

Another important feature of Gabriele Tranchina's singing is that she is able to sing with stylish facility in French, Portuguese, Spanish and English as well as in her native German. On A Song of Love's Color Tranchina even manages to navigate through a wonderful Sanskrit chant, "Asato Maa (Sat Chit Ananda)." This, of course, has everything to do with her Germanic roots-Sanskrit and German having the same linguistic origins. Nevertheless, the haunting rendition is memorable. Her version of "Today," seemingly written almost exclusively in a diatonic mode is also quite exquisite as the song seems perfect for her method of intonation. And this is probably Gabriele Tranchina's main vocal strength.

Through the velvety softness of her voice, Tranchina delivers lyrics with a deep sensitivity for the feeling of their underlying emotions. The song, "Duérmete Niño Bonito" is a perfect example. Here Tranchina displays emotion in equal measure whether she singing wordlessly or otherwise-in English or in another language. The dramaturge of the music is all in the manner of delivery. On "Voz" she turns wordless vocalizing into a fine art and in addition, displays exquisite interplay her band mates, especially with bassist, Santi DeBriano. The Panamanian-born, New York-based musician shows why he is so much in demand as an accompanist by other instrumentalists.
In his foray with Tranchina, DeBriano displays a wonderful sensitivity for the delicacy of the human voice as he goads the vocalist into realms of outstanding arabesques as well. The songs, "Solamente Pasiòn" and "Siehst Du Mich" are two of the finest examples on this record. On the latter, DeBriano undertakes an arco con brio arabesque of his own as he plots a brooding course throughout the song, ending in a single note that he holds down to establish the elemental pain of the character in the German poem. And this makes DeBriano the other star of the record.

However, it is clear from Tranchina's performance that she is a vocalist of the highest order. Her style is not conventional. She may not ever sing an aria, but when she interprets the narrative of a song and gets in to character she has few peers. Anything new from her will be a welcome addition to the literature of vocal music.
by: Raul da Gama

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