Feature: Stephen Mosher's Pandemic Playlist Number Eighteen

By: Apr. 09, 2020

Feature: Stephen Mosher's Pandemic Playlist Number Eighteen The world of cabaret is an ever-growing family of artists, working in an ever-evolving art form. Wherever there is a stage and wherever there are artists willing to go up on a stage and open a vein, there will be cabaret. These are some of the members of the small venue community whose work shines bright; and it will shine bright again.

Feature: Stephen Mosher's Pandemic Playlist Number Eighteen 1. Becca Kidwell made her cabaret debut in 2017 but her work as an artist started long before that, as a director, producer and artistic director in the theater world. Since that day in 2017, Becca Kidwell has been praised by audiences and critics alike and nominated for a MAC Award. This jubilant writer, teacher, and Reiki practitioner has been an irreplaceable member of the New York City cabaret family since and HERE is a prime example of why. Find Becca Kidwell online HERE

2. Darius de Haas has a career worthy of an actor's dreams. With numerous Broadway, off-Broadway and regional theater credits, this virtuoso jazz singer has also toured with some of the big names in the business, acting as guest artist and opening act. He sings in symphony spaces, nightclubs, and cabarets. He is a star on his own who often lends his voice to group shows and other artists' needs, and charitable organizations, as well. HERE is Darius de Haas in action and HERE is his website.

Feature: Stephen Mosher's Pandemic Playlist Number Eighteen 3. Kim Grogg & Steven Ray Watkins are consummate musicians and performers. She has had a lengthy career as a stage and screen actress and he has musical directed, coached, arranged, conducted everything from Kim's latest show to the Academy Awards. But masters of their games and absolute pleasures to see in action, they have a natural chemistry when onstage together, as seen in this DUET - maybe that's why they have continued to work together all these years. Kim's WEBSITE Steven's FACEBOOK

Feature: Stephen Mosher's Pandemic Playlist Number Eighteen 4. Tovah Feldshuh is a great American actress who has done film, television, theater, nightclubs - indeed, Tovah Feldshuh will play any space where an actor will play because Tovah Feldshuh is an actor. It is what she does, it is what she loves. Cabaret audiences are always thrilled to sit in a room and see her show because it is like every character in every dream you've ever had, come to life. Lately, her solo shows include this number from a character she PLAYED on Broadway. The song is, surely, evocative of the way Ms. Feldshuh lives her life. See Tovah Feldshuh online at her WEBSITE

5. Ricky Ritzel is one of the cornerstone performers of the cabaret community. With a lifetime of shows under his belt, Mr. Ritzel can be found most nights behind the piano at Don't Tell Mama, which is where his show Ricky Ritzel's Broadway is approaching icon status. Performers are lined up for weeks in advance to do an episode of Ritzel's ongoing series and the house is frequently at SRO capacity. See Ricky Ritzel a few years ago at the MACs and when life is back to normal head over to Don't Tell Mama and catch him in the act.

6. Anna Marie Ray & James Crichton are up and coming in the business, and it is clear to see they have bright futures. Mr. Crichton has done off-Broadway and tours, and while an online search turned up no intel on Ms. Ray, she is an AMDA alum, which is always a good sign. Resumes, though, matter little when there is video evidence to prove performers gifted, as there is in this 54 Below DUET from a wonderful show "If It Only Lasts A Minute." James Crichton has a website HERE Anna Marie Ray has Twitter @annamaridiom

Feature: Stephen Mosher's Pandemic Playlist Number Eighteen 7. Caitlin Fahey is one of the new artists working in cabaret today. Ms. Fahey brings a new attitude and new mission statement with her talent that is a clear indication that she is taking the art form into the future. With mad vocal skills and an in-the-pocket commitment to every lyric writer and every lyric, Caitlin is proving, with every appearance, that she is the STORYTELLER of the moment. THIS is Caitlin Fahey's website

8. Ben Lohrberg is a Minneapolis based actor with an impressive resume who came all the way to New York to debut his solo cabaret show "Dream With Me" to a sold-out house. It's just a matter of time before the gifted Mr. Lohrberg is a Manhattanite because his talent, charm, and unique creativity will lead to many more shows, as evidenced in this MASHUP from his 54 Below performance. Find Ben Lohrberg online HERE

9. Mardie Millit & Michael Garin have a unique duo act based on years of performing on stages large and small, theatrical and nightclub, and fine-honing their comedic and musical skills. With their particular focus on musical comedy and variety show vibes, Mr. Garin volleys from his place behind the piano and Ms. Millit hits back from the mic, and audiences are left laughing along with numbers like this CHARMING song that shows, perfectly, their aesthetic. Mardie Millit has Instagram @mardienyc and Michael Garin has a WEBSITE and there is a website for their duo act HERE

10. Storm Large is aptly named. This actor, singer, songwriter, author and force of nature can (and has) done everything from singing in rock bands to singing in cabarets to acting in Cabaret. Her determination to be true to her individuality always makes her a standout, and her talent is a direct extension from the originality she brings to the table, making this STORM one of the most memorable acts ever to land on a nightclub stage. See Storm Large online HERE

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Photos by Stephen Mosher. Performers not represented photographically have not been photographed by Stephen Mosher... yet.