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  • Self Publishing?  Nov 28 2012, 10:40:51 AM
    Has anyone here done it? I've always written in my spare time, but have been thinking more and more about taking the leap, but I don't know where to start.
  • STAR TREK Back in Theaters!  Nov 28 2012, 10:40:14 AM
    Bought tickets here too!
  • Live action remake of 'Cinderella' in the works with Cate Blanchett to play Lady Tremaine, the Wicked Stepmother?  Nov 28 2012, 10:39:50 AM
    I'm sure the ABC show has something to do with it as well. Cate Blanchett's perfect.

    Thoughts on Cinderella? Dakota Fanning?
  • Downton Abbey Season 4!  Nov 28 2012, 10:38:54 AM
    I thought this weekend's catchup special was GREAT. I only wish they got Angela Lansbury onto the show itself. Season 4 maybe?
  • Wow, love the new logo!  Nov 28 2012, 10:38:25 AM
  • 'Movie stars'  Nov 17 2012, 11:08:51 AM
    I don't think that we'll ever see Gibson rehab his image, he's f*ed up too many times.
  • Worst Movie of the Year?  Nov 17 2012, 11:07:59 AM
    Really? I thought THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN was a good reboot and better than the last two for sure.
  • WALKING DEAD Love Thread  Nov 17 2012, 11:06:25 AM
    Anyone else watching this? I think Season 3 is making up for the slooooow moving Season 2. We still get grossed out every week though.
  • APPLE TV - Good Buy?  Nov 17 2012, 11:04:42 AM
    I went ahead and got one of these a couple of weeks ago and it's changed my life! It was so easy to setup and use. Highly, highly recommend! I know what my family is getting for Christmas presents now too.
  • Favorite TV Show?  Nov 17 2012, 11:03:39 AM
    I LOVE Parks & Recreation too, so much better use of the format than THE OFFICE these days.
  • Worst Movie of the Year?  Nov 13 2012, 12:25:56 PM
    Ok, we have to have one of these too! My vote? The Dictator.
  • 'Movie stars'  Nov 13 2012, 12:25:26 PM
    I'd agree with Hanks, Roberts, Streep & DiCaprio. When's the last time Bullock had a hit?
  • SNL - Anne Hathaway  Nov 12 2012, 11:54:19 AM
    When WAS the last time they kept the quality up from the beginning to the end of a show?
  • Richard Schiff Premiers Alexandra Silber's 'The West Wing Song'!  Nov 12 2012, 11:53:49 AM
    I give this a solid 'C'
  • Best Movie of the Year?  Nov 12 2012, 11:52:56 AM
    Lincoln seems to be the critical darling of the moment, but I think we'll see something for The Dark Knight Rises to reward the trilogy as a whole, like they did with Lord of the Rings.
  • Dorothy Dress Goes for $480k!  Nov 12 2012, 11:50:57 AM
    I wish we knew who bought it!
  • 'Movie stars'  Nov 12 2012, 11:49:05 AM
    So we're going purely on box office? In that case, we're talking Tom Cruise territory, etc. right?
  • 'Movie stars'  Nov 11 2012, 08:57:26 PM
    Who do YOU consider stars Jay?
  • Best James Bond  Nov 11 2012, 08:56:41 PM
    There will never be another performance like Sean Connery's, but Craig is certainly better than Moore, Dalton and Brosnan. I'm seeing the new one tonight and can't wait!
  • THE DARK KNIGHT Boxed Set!  Nov 11 2012, 08:54:34 PM