mun2 to Air Sci-Fi Thriller ISA, 6/27

mun2 will present the bilingual urban sci-fi thriller movie "ISA" on Friday, June 27 at 8 pm ET/PT. The film features a unique mix of television and social media stars including newcomer Jeanette Samano, urban pop singer Sabi, Youtube stars Tim Delaghetto, Eric Ochoa, and Primetime/Novela stars Khotan Fernandez and Ana Layevska. Isa Reyes (Jeanette Samano) is a whiz kid raised by her aunt and uncle in Los Angeles, California.

After an accident, doctors find a chip inside her brain and she is forced to confront the Dark Secrets of her past, including trying to find out the truth about her parents and her roots. As the chip causes her dreams to merge with reality, Isa is Hunted down by a ruthless scientist (Ana Layevska) working on behalf of a Wall Street firm that uses children as human computers. When Isa is captured, her best friend Nataly (Sabi) and security guard Jaime Diaz (Eric Ochoa aka SUPEReeeGO) come to her aid.

io9 says "ISA" is "playing in the same thematic sandbox as other great works of contemporary Science fiction, from Orphan Black to Ramez Naam's Nexxus series, but takes them in a new direction. Neuroscience and brain mapping technologies have captured our imaginations, and it's a pleasure to see them explored here..." (

Los Angeles Times says "ISA has much to recommend it... its dreamy rhythms and creamy images, the way it merges the everyday into the uncanny." (

"ISA" is written and directed by Jose Nestor Marquez, and is the first original movie from Fluency Productions, NBCUniversal Hispanic Enterprises and Content's new multi-format, multi-platform production studio.