X FACTOR RECAP: Boot Camp, Day 2!

X FACTOR RECAP: Boot Camp, Day 2!

The X-Factor is back with day two of boot camp. Whether you missed the show or just want to re-live the drama, read on for a full recap of tonight's episode!

Tonight, the contestants are divided into pairs to sing the same song as a direct comparison to one another. Simon, who's wearing a shirt with a v-neck that's practically not a shirt at all, says that the contestants better "forget about friendships" even though it seems like everybody's pretty much got that under control already.

First to hit the stage are overwhelming voice teacher Tara Simon and 18-year-old Jannel Garcia, singing "Landslide." I've made no secret of the fact that Tara gets on my nerves, but seriously, she adds in all these weird runs and completely steamrolls over poor Jannel. "I feel really bad for you, Jannel," Simon says.

Next up are Beatrice Miller and Carly Rose Sonenclar, both 13, on Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks." I have to admit I'm pretty biased on this one - Sonenclar totally stole the show in Frank Wildhorn's short-lived Wonderland on Broadway, so I'm definitely rooting for her - but both girls sound really amazing for their age.

The next pair is another 13-year-old wunderkind, Diamond White, and 16-year-old Dinah Jane Hansen. They chose a really mellow version of Kelly Clarkson's "What Doesn't Kill You." I mean, like, one-note-a-minute mellow. Diamond rises to the occasion, but Dinah falls kind of flat.

After a totally unscheduled Pepsi delivery, country crooners Willie Jones, 17, and Tate Stevens, 37, face off on Babyface's "Nobody Knows It But Me," and Willie loses the lyrics. He kind of makes up his own after a horribly awkward few seconds of just music, but ultimately he can't really get it back together. I liked Willie, and I feel badly for him, but he doesn't really deserve to stay after that performance.

Last year's 16-year-old "Intensity" castoff, Arin Ray, is partnered with Normani Hamilton, also 16. They choose One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" and they're the first pair to sing it like a duet and not like two competitors who are being forced to sing together. It's cute - they even add in a little choreography - and not badly sung.

Next up are 19-year-old piano teacher Jillian Jensen and 27-year-old Latasha Robinson, singing Sugarland's "Stay." I don't know exactly what happens, but Latasha just completely loses the song after one line. To Jillian's credit, she does try to help Latasha remember the lyrics, but also smartly seizes the opportunity to upstage Latasha - figuratively and literally, finishing the song standing squarely in the middle of the judges' line of view.

Among the others who forget the words are Freddie Combs, Nick Youngerman, One4Five, Jordan Shane and Jessie Bryant. Cece Frey (aka Leopard Eyes) and Paige Thomas are facing off again, tonight on One Republic's "Secrets." Simon asks them both why they should win and Paige cries while talking about her aspirations. Not to be one-upped, Cece puts on her best crying voice and basically repeats what Paige said. To my ears, Paige sounded better, but I don't really care for Cece so I'm probably biased.

Tune in next week as Justin Beiber, Nick Jonas, Will.i.am and Marc Anthony will be the guest mentors, and only 24 contestants will remain!