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Warner Archive Collection to Release Film Noir Classic LOOPHOLE & More

Warner Archive Collection announces the release of the Film Noir classics Loophole, Jungle Boys, City Slicks, and Mr. Evictus and more!

THE MASK OF DIMITRIOS (1944) Jean Negulesco began his remarkable run of classic noirs by knocking it out of the park with this winning adaptation of a novel by nightmaster Eric Ambler. Also making his debut is Zachary Taylor as the titular criminal Dimitrios. But it's Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet, here in the middle of their remarkable pairings (The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, Background to Danger, Passage to Marseilles, The Conspirators, Three Strangers, and The Verdict) who send this Citizen Kane of criminal portraits into the cinematic stratosphere. Lorre, in one of his rare turns as lead, clearly delights in the role, revealing his penchant for mordant comedy and dry delivery. And Greenstreet gives added depth to his traditional malignant mastermind character as this film's heavy's heart proves stronger than his head. Faye Emerson, as the gal done wrong, proves an apt match. This long awaited DVD release is Newly Remastered
*Note: Available for pre-order, to be released 5/7/2013

THE FALL GUY (1947) Noir scribe supreme Cornell Woolrich's short story "Cocaine" provides the basis for this crime thriller starring Leo Penn and Robert Armstrong. Penn plays Tom Cochran, a traumatized WWII vet who comes to after a night of one too many, with blood on his hands and fragmented memories of a young blonde's murder. After skipping out of the drunk tank, the now-fugitive Tom turns to his brother-in-law cop to find out if Tom's really a liquored up ladykiller or doped up patsy who's been fitted for the frame. Also stars noir mainstay Elisha Cook, Jr, and Teala Loring. Directed by Reginald Le Borg, with Walter Mirisch producing. Newly Remastered

A DANGEROUS PROFESSION (1949) George Raft stars in this cracker of a crime picture that takes place in the rarified world of bail bondsmen. Under the narration of police detective Nick Ferrone (the great Jim Backus), the viewer is introduced to ex-cop cum bail bond broker Vince Kane (Raft) and his partner Joe Farley (Pat O'Brien in prime "Wise up, ya dope" mode). In short order there's a cop killed, an ex-flame, a patsy, and Vince on the hook for 9 Gs. With his partner pressuring him to drop the case, Kane is under the gun to unravel a net of graft, robbery and murder to order to get at the truth. Even if it costs him a crack at the dame that got away (Ella Raines). Directed by Ted Tetzlaff. Newly Remastered

DUFFY OF SAN QUENTIN (1954) Warner Bros. eschews traditional hagiographic biopic tendencies to stay true to its ripped from the headlines social reform roots for this powerful prison flick. Culled from the literary works of real-life San Quentin Warden Quentin T. Duffy, the film moves the spotlight from warden reformer to inmate Edward "Romeo" Harper, his sometimes ally, sometimes enemy. As the inmate tries to adjust to life inside a changing prison - including the arrival of a female nurse (Joanne Dru) - he begins to get a handle on his demons. Just then, the prosecutor (George Macready) responsible for his institutional hell gets sentenced to the same prison... Also stars Maureen O'Sullivan as Mrs. Duffy. Directed by Walter Doniger. Newly Remastered
*Note: Available for pre-order, to be released 5/7/2013.

LOOPHOLE (1954) Allied Artists gets an "A" for this prime piece of "innocent man" noir. Barry Sullivan plays a bank teller whose life gets up-ended thanks to a daring robbery by a little man with a big plan. Noir pit-bull Charles McGraw plays the insurance agent who Javerts the accused teller's every LES MISERABLES step, nearly stealing the picture, while Sullivan's Mike Donovan is busy trying to solve the crime. Dorothy Malone plays Mike's stand-by-your-man spouse, character great Don Beddoe plays the man behind the frame and Mary Beth Hughes is the deadly dame behind it all. Directed by Harold D. Shuster. Newly Remastered

FBI CODE 98 (1963) A pre-cursor of sorts to The FBI (even co-starring future Erskine agent William Reynolds), FBI Code 98 equally mixes domestic drama and police procedural as a trio of top-flight aerospace computer magnates find themselves sharing a Flight with a bomb booby-trapped suitcase. While the feds move with scientific precision through the clues, the trio of millionaire industrialists sift through their lives, loves, infidelities and lies to try to discover which of them may be responsible for the attempt. Taut and fast paced, while taking time for a languid inspection of the lurid, FBI Code 98 plays as if Agent Erskine were thrown into the world of Sterling, Cooper, Draper and Price. Joining Reynolds on the fed side is Philip Carey as the AIC, while Maverick's Jack Kelly, Ray Danton, and Andrew Duggan play the high-flying computermen. Also stars Jack Cassidy, Vaughn Taylor, and Peggy McCay. Newly Remastered

Out of the Jungle WITH BOMBA
BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY, VOLUME ONE (1949-51) Monogram pictures made an inspired choice when it opted to adapt the Stratemeyer Syndicate's (Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys and Tom Swift) series of books with Bomba the Jungle Boy and paired it up with Tarzan's own now grown "Boy", Johnny Sheffield. Under the leadership of newbie producer Walter Mirisch, the series skillfully blends stock photography, imaginative scripts and teen romance to deliver A-list fun on a B-list budget proving to be a smash hit for the studio. Fellow former child-star Peggy Ann Garner provides for Bomba's jungle distraction in the inaugural installment, while other guests of note to be found in the first six films in the series include Allene Roberts, Donald Woods, Paul Guilfoyle, Sue England, Woody Strode, and Donna Martell. Silent-to-TV-era journeyman Ford Beebe directs all six.

Set includes: Bomba, The Jungle Boy (1949), Bomba on Panther Island (1949), The Lost Volcano (1950), Bomba and the Hidden City (1950), The Lion Hunters (1951), Elephant Stampede (1951) These films have been remastered from the best available 35mm film elements.

THE ROMAN HOLIDAYS, THE COMPLETE SERIES (1972) Somewhere Between the pre-hysterical Hanna Barbera's Stone Age of The Flintstones and the fantastic future of The Jetsons lie The Roman Holidays, tackling family life circa AD 63. Augustus "Gus" Holiday (Dave Willock) is the man of the clan, lovely and level-headed spouse Laurie (Shirley Mitchell) keeps things on an even keel while teen-age trouble maker Happius (Stanley Livingston) and child prodigy Precocia (Pamelyn Ferdin) threaten to break the Pax Familia. Housed at the humble Venus de Milo Arms, the Holidays face constant threats from their aptly named landlord Mr. Evictus (Dom DeLuise, in his toon debut) while Gus gets equally harried by his boss, Mr. Tycoonius (HAl Smith) at the Forum Construction Company. It's a good thing he gets to come home to a Roman's best friend - his pet lion, Brutus (Daws Butler)! So hop aboard your chariot - it's time to pay a visit to The Roman Holidays! 2-Disc, 13-Episode Collection

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