VIDEO: Sneak Peek - CBS's 48 HOURS Investigates Memphis Murder

Correspondent Maureen Maher and the 48 HOURS team investigate the murder of a Memphis businesswoman with a story that includes love, betrayal, fast cars, murder and a secret double life, in "The Usual Suspect," to be broadcast Saturday, March 2 (10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Get a sneak peek below!

Tina Caronna had it all – a great job, a garage full of fast cars, a doting husband and an active social circle – so when she suddenly disappeared, friends knew something had to be wrong. Fellow members of a Memphis Corvette club put together a search party to find Tina. They got terrible news two days later when she was found dead in the backseat of her Chevrolet Avalanche. Was Caronna the victim of a carjacking, or was it something else?

"We were devastated, we were hoping to find her alive," Caronna's friend Cathy Struna tells 48 HOURS. "You always have hope until it's over, and then it's just overwhelming."

The murder initially left investigators with few clues to go on. There was no gunshot residue or knife wounds on Caronna's body. However, there were some things that didn't seem quite right for a murder scene, either. For instance, she was found wearing thousands of dollars of jewelry.

As usual, police looked to her husband, Joe Caronna, as a possible suspect, though he had an alibi. The day Tina went missing, Joe was working on a car with one of the couple's friends, Gary Hathaway.

The murder was a stunning turn for the Caronnas' circle of friends. Joe and Tina met in 1993 and were wed several months later. At the time, she already had a 4-year-old son from a previous marriage. Joe had been married before, too. Joe went everywhere with Tina, resulting in her spending less time with her family. Outsiders believed they had a good marriage.

However, the police investigation would uncover Joe Caronna was living a double life, which included a girlfriend. The search for Tina's killer would also reveal a stunning financial fraud. Asked by police to help, Caronna's girlfriend was willing to wear a wire to record a conversation. But will it be enough to close the case on Tina Caronna's murder?

Maher and the 48 HOURS team interview prosecutors, friends of the Caronnas, Tina's mother, Tina's son Todd, jurors and Joe Caronna's former mistress. 48 HOURS: "The Usual Suspect" is produced by Sara Ely Hulse, Ruth Chenetz and Charlotte Fuller. Al Briganti is the executive editor. Susan Zirinsky is the senior executive producer.

VIDEO: Sneak Peek - CBS's 48 HOURS Investigates Memphis Murder