VIDEO: On This Day 11/30 - Sir Ridley Scott is Born

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On November 30, 1937, highly-acclaimEd English film director Sir Ridley Scott was born. Throughout the course of his career - now spanning over three decades - Scott has made a name for himself in creating award-winning films that make use of highly atmospheric visual styles. He also has never shyed away from exploring various types of films. Scott has been nominated for multiple Academy Awards, and in 2003, was knighted during the UK 2003 New Year Honours. 

Having become a fixture of Hollywood culture since due to his highly influential visual style, Scott continues to leave a mark on the industry today.

His breakthrough film was that of ALIEN, starring Sigourney Weaver, in 1979. Other notable films in Scott's repertoire are BLADE RUNNER (1982), THELMA & LOUISE (1991), GLADIATOR (2000), BLACKHAWK DOWN (2005), and PROMETHEUS (2012).

THELMA AND LOUISE, GLADIATOR, and BLACK HAWK DOWN earned him Academy Award nominations for his masterful work as a director. 

In the clip below, Scott sits down with the BBC to discuss his vast and varied collection of films. Check it out! 

VIDEO: On This Day 11/30 - Sir Ridley Scott is Born