Ted Williams, the 'Man With The Golden Voice' Releases New Film

Ted Williams, the 'Man With The Golden Voice' Releases New Film

Set for general release on September 10th, TEd Williams' new film 'Houseless' documents the lives of several individuals, many of them military veterans, living in a park near Santa Barbara, California. Ted shows the unfortunate realities of homelessness including depression, addiction, loneliness, heartbreak, alcoholism, drug use, and death.

Ted knows first-hand how difficult it is to face the realities of homelessness. "I want this film to bring more awareness to the issues leading to homelessness. I want to help those living every day on the streets with nothing to eat or drink, especially those military veterans who fought for our country and are now fighting a personal battle with PTSD and homelessness."

Executive Producer Chris Manhattan, himself a military veteran, explained why he spearheaded the film. "The purpose of this film was to discover why and how people like the Pirate, Professor, Clydesdale and Cliff end up homeless living in a park with no food, no family, no home, no hope, and no future."

Moto Entertainment a film Production Company founded by former Marine Corps Drill Instructor Michael Nichols produced Houseless, distributed by Allegro Media Group and available for purchase in stores nationwide and at http://www.houselessmovie.com. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to nonprofit organizations that help the homeless community by supporting outreach programs and shelters.

Since becoming known worldwide after being discovered on the streets of Columbus, Ohio, TEd Williams has been active in giving back to the homeless community. "I don't ever want to end up on the side of a highway again. And by you guys purchasing this film, you are helping me to help others."