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TV Personality Kelly Ngoc Mac Discusses Her Role on the Food Network

TV Personality Kelly Ngoc Mac Discusses Her Role on the Food Network

Kelly Ngoc Mac is best known as a fitness guru for developing what is known as the "Mac Method," with a long time interest in working more in TV/film. Mac has definitely taken an interest in working to make her dreams for her life a reality. Kelly Mac engages with her fan base on social media on her platforms which are based on encouragement, and inspiration - reminding her fans, through example, to follow their passions and to do the work they that they love with courage and positivity.

She appears on the "Worst Cooks in America" season 18 with Chef Anne Burrell and Chef Alton Brown on the "blue team." Season 18 premiered on January 5th, 2020. When asked what she most enjoyed about the show, "I enjoyed learning how to cook. I enjoyed the spotlight and learning about how shows are taped, as well as how much work and people are involved. I can see myself having my own cooking show that's inspiring to my fans to learn how to cook healthy! I will do a vegan cooking show, all whole foods, plant based and healthy, where we maintain love and compassion for humans and all animals."

She hopes to book other shows, such as "Crazy Rich Asians" and would love to be on game shows such as "Deal or No Deal" stating, "I would love to be one of the suticase models on the show." As far as "Crazy Rich Asians" Mac states, "I am a huge fan of Kevin Kwan and the show he has created, he is talented and funny. So having even a small role on this television show would be one of my dreams coming true, and I would be so grateful." Mac also expressed loving the show, "Fresh Off The Boat," another TV show on which she would love to be cast.

According to a recent interview, she spoke a lot about what is readily evident just from visiting her platforms on social media, discussing how she utilizes her platform to evoke positive change, and to encourage people that they can do anything good that they put their mind to do. Kelly Mac discussed the fact that she is seeking out shows on which she would love to appear, by taking an "early in the year, proactive approach." Continuing, "for the first show I booked on Food Network, I submitted myself to be cast last year. It was a long wait until I heard from anyone. Then, finally I received 'the call," stating I was a recruit to the show for season 18."

A big life long passion of Mac's includes her development of the "MAC Method" several decades ago. Mac's first pilates studio, using the "MAC Method" opened up in 2003 in Upstate New York. She now does private, one-on-one pilates, "MAC Method" fitness coaching sessions. Mac stated in a recent interview, "I have been practicing pilates since I was 14 years old, so naturally it makes sense that I would develop a heartfelt passion for fitness to launch the "MAC Method" helping people to reach their fitness goals and better physical health through pilates."

She spoke of the immense hardship that she endured and had overcome early in life, "I'm considered to be the first wave of "The Boat People" after the Fall of Saigon April 30, 1975. Thanks to my grandma whose courage was way bigger than her 5'2" 95 lb. frame, she loved and wanted us to have a better life. I came over on the boat with my paternal grandmother, and Pa Max, as well as my younger sister and aunts and uncles." Continuing, "we were packed on a metal raft with only the clothes on our back. We drifted for days, WITHOUT food, water and shelter in the South China Sea, feeling as if we were left to die until we were rescued by a U.S. Naval Carrier." Concluding, "We arrived in New York City, then Princeton University assisted us with housing. Later, my Uncle Peter graduated as an HONOR STUDENT from Princeton University on Memorial Day Weekend of 1975. Hallelujah! I love America!."

Mac also recalled, buying a $.49 book which she describes as a book that "changed her life," stating, "The 49 cent book that I bought was about the Joseph Pilates Method, and I learned so much from the book, and then I applied what I learned, way before pilates became a 'trend.'" "Overcoming additional hardships I learned to apply that energy into my determination and zest for life and I practiced pilates." Kelly Mac describes this as providing her with 'immediate strength, mental clarity and an ability to endure." Kelly Mac developed her first pilates studio located in Pasadena in 2003, and her style is described as the "MAC Method." She is still coaching her clients to apply the "MAC Method" to their lives. She is reachable through her website at According to Mac, she is now also making time for her additional dreams to come true, naming her greatest accomplishment, "my beautiful and intelligent, determined, successful daughter Michelle, as a mom I want to make her the most proud."

Recently Mac was invited to receive a press pass at the Rose Bowl to accompany a friend from ABC. Mac described this experience stating, " I grew up in Pasadena. I am proud of my town. I've seen it when it wasn't happening in 'Old Town' back in the late 70s now it's booming! I've watched it on television for years. I've made it to appreciate the floats a few years ago. I participated in the taping of the parade and also taped some behind the scenes footage that I shared on Instagram. I feel so privileged and grateful for this opportunity."

Concluding, "It is my mission to be infectious in a positive and inspiring way. ! I am an authentic person. I want to engage and inspire more people through my tenacity and courage, and to encourage others to INVEST in their hopes and dreams.

What we need more than ever is to be acknowledged and loved!"

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