Susan Flannery & More to Join Lung Cancer Foundation of America's 'Day at the Races'

Susan Flannery & More to Join Lung Cancer Foundation of America's 'Day at the Races'

TV actress Susan Flannery, NFL Linebacker Chris Draft, talk show host Tim Conway, Jr. and other special guests will join lung cancer advocates and supporters at the Lung Cancer Foundation of America's (LCFA) unique "Day at the Races" event at Del Mar Race Track, 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, CA 92014 on Sunday, July 27, 2014 from 1 PM - 6 PM.

Ms. Flannery, a longtime star on "The Bold and The Beautiful," participated in a lung cancer storyline on the series, which was recognized for its sensitive and authentic portrayal of lung cancer. Her character was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and underwent treatments. On Feb. 7, 2011, during the 6,000th episode, the show featured several real-life lung cancer survivors, including LCFA advocate and lung cancer Survivor Dr. Michael Weitz. Ms. Flannery, Mr. Draft, whose wife died of the disease at the age of 38, Mr. Conway, a longtime friend of LCFA, along with other special guests will help to bring attention to lung cancer, which remains the most under-funded and under-researched cancer despite being the USA's number one cancer killer for both men and women.

"It means so much to LCFA, and especially to the millions of people who have been deeply affected by lung cancer, to have Susan, Chris, Tim and all our special guests participate in the fight against this disease. Because of an overall 5-year survival rate of only 16%, there are few survivors to stand up and speak out in support of research funding for lung cancer. The role of friends in the entertainment and sports communities, like Susan, Tim and Chris, is so very important in bringing attention to lung cancer, and we hope they will inspire others," said Kim Norris, a lung cancer widow and the president and co-founder of LCFA. Added Flannery, "If my participation can help in any way, I'm happy to help."

Racing fans will learn that lung cancer is the USA's primary cause of cancer death, killing almost twice as many women as breast cancer and three times as many men as prostate cancer. Lung cancer's poor survival rate is a direct result of the lack of funding for lung cancer research. Approximately 60% of new lung cancer diagnoses will be in non-smokers - a combination of 45-50% former smokers (many who quit 10, 20, even 30 years prior to the onset of lung cancer) and 15% of people who have never smoked. Lung cancer is the only cancer that stigmatizes its victims - somehow society believes that lung cancer victims bring it upon themselves. Fans will be introduced to lung cancer advocates like Susan, Chris, and Tim, as well as LCFA an organization that exists to advocate for research funding.

LCFA's "Day at the Races" will feature a special "Breath Of Life" race to support lung cancer research and help educate the public about this disease. For all-inclusive tax deductible tickets, visit:
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LCFA's "Day at the Races" event is the brainchild of lung cancer survivor and LCFA advocate Paula Friendly. Paula's late husband, Hollywood producer Ed Friendly (co-producer of "Laugh-In," "Little House on the Prairie" among others) established the Thoroughbred Owners of California in 1993 and also served as president of the California's Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association. Paula remains involved with the Del Mar Race Track and maintains her friendship with track President Joe Harper, and his wife Barbara.

The Lung Cancer Foundation of America (LCFA) was established by two lung cancer survivors and a lung cancer widow. Despite their varied backgrounds, they all arrived at the same realization - the poor survival rate for lung cancer is a direct result of the lack of funding for lung cancer research. Working with many of the top lung cancer researchers and clinicians in the country, they have observed how these experts attempt to diligently unlock the secrets unique to lung cancer. They have also witnessed the inordinate amount of time researchers spend trying to secure funding for the research, which distracts them from their primary research function. The abysmal state of funding also discourages new lung cancer researchers who, instead, gravitate to well-funded programs. LCFA's mission is the dramatic improvement in survivorship of lung cancer patients through the funding of transformative science, with the ultimate goal of curing the disease. To accomplish this, LCFA works to raise both the funds and the national profile of lung cancer in order to substantially increase support for innovative and groundbreaking research efforts.

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Susan Flannery & More to Join Lung Cancer Foundation of America's 'Day at the Races'