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See What's Coming to REELZ in January 2021

The lineup includes original series Geraldo Rivera's Murder in the Family.

See What's Coming to REELZ in January 2021

REELZ today announced its January 2021 premieres with powerful new stories led by the return of Geraldo Rivera and original series Geraldo Rivera's Murder in THE FAMILY revealing the darkest hours in a celebrity's life losing a family member to murder. Rivera explores the tragic stories involving Robert Blake and Roman Polanski. January premieres also include new music themed specials celebrating the biggest names to ever hit the stage. Story of the Songs unveils how three of the greatest hits from Eric Clapton and Sting and The Police came to life while Axl Rose: Guns N' Roses Frontman is a wild look at the mercurial rocker and BREAKING THE BAND is back with a two-hour special about Aerosmith and the remarkable saga of the band's breaking and remaking. New original special The Preppy Killer: My Friend the Murderer details the misdeeds of Robert Chambers whose dashing good looks, private school education and social life among New York City's young wealthy elite would compound the shock of his savage murder. Affluenza Teen: The Jailhouse Sessions focuses on entitled Texas teen Ethan Couch whose 2013 drunk driving accident took four lives including youth pastor Brian Jennings whose friend and fellow pastor Timothy Williams would visit Couch in jail 93 times in nearly two years attempting to foster reconciliation. When Lucille Ball died some of her estate went to husband Gary Morton who later remarried to pro golfer Susie McAllister. Susie put a trove of personal items from Ball's estate up for auction triggering a bitter lawsuit with Ball's heirs and it all unfolds in Lucille Ball: Life, Death & Money. Rounding out January premieres is the return of original series World's MOST EVIL Killers with the unsettling stories of infamous murderers "The Vampire of Sacramento" and the "Killer Cabbie" among others.

"We're thrilled to welcome back Geraldo Rivera whose deep reporting experience makes him the perfect storyteller for the heartrending stories of celebrities beset by tragedy," said Steve Cheskin, SVP of Programming at REELZ. "Adding to the network's strong lineup of music themed originals our January premieres about Eric Clapton, Sting and The Police, Axl Rose and Aerosmith crank up the action with the wild real stories of the legendary rockers."

January premieres begin with two twisted tales about privilege, power and shocking deaths. In The Preppy Killer: My Friend the Murderer on Saturday, January 2 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT Margo Manhattan shares her story of watching longtime friend Robert Chambers descend into a world of chaos ending in the murder of an innocent young woman in New York City's Central Park. Saturday, January 2 also marks the premiere of Affluenza Teen: The Jailhouse Sessions at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT about the emotional journey of pastor Timothy Williams whose friend was killed in an accident caused by then 16-year-old Ethan Couch. While Couch was vilified by the public in the aftermath of his case Williams instead chose to visit Couch in jail and build a relationship with him in an attempt to find closure. January premieres play on with two back to back music themed stories on Sunday, January 3 starting with Sting & The Police: Story of Their Songs at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT about the band's three musical maestros whose hits "Roxanne" and "Every Breath You Take" led to global stardom while "Englishman in New York" sees former frontman Sting in a solo breakout. Then at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT Eric Clapton: Story of His Songs chronicles the powerful personal stories of addiction, loss and family behind his hits "Cocaine", "Tears in Heaven" and "My Father's Eyes".

Premiering every Tuesday in January is a new World's MOST EVIL Killers story at 11am ET/ 8am PT starting Tuesday, January 5 with the vicious World's End Murders in Scotland carried out by Angus Sinclair. The following Tuesday, January 12 is the story of how child serial killer Robert Black evaded capture for more than a decade while Tuesday, January 19 presents the chilling account of cab driver Christopher Halliwell who preyed on his unsuspecting fares earning him the name "Killer Cabbie". Then on Tuesday, January 26 it's the ghastly story of Richard Chase known as the "Vampire of Sacramento" due to his penchant for drinking the blood of his victims.

Most people gaze upon a celebrity and see talent, privilege and material success but the real lives of celebrities are often complicated with heartbreaking misfortunes lurking in the shadows. In Geraldo Rivera's Murder in THE FAMILY host Geraldo Rivera returns with two new stories about celebrities who have experienced the murder of a loved one. On Saturday, January 23 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT it's Death by Manson: Murder in THE FAMILY Special about director Roman Polanski who endured murder in his family more than once after his mother was killed in a Nazi concentration camp and his wife actress Sharon Tate and their unborn baby were murdered by Charles Manson followers. Rivera examines the event that turned a violent unknown sociopath in Manson into a notorious paragon of evil and a household name. Immediately following is the premiere of Geraldo Rivera's Murder in THE FAMILY "Robert Blake" at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT about the bizarre murder mystery with Blake as the prime suspect in his wife Bonny Lee Bakley's death in a story riddled with twists and tragedy.

A Hollywood icon and music superstars wrap January premieres with new stories about the beloved Lucille Ball, wild Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose and storied rock band Aerosmith. Lucille Ball: Life, Death & Money premieres Monday, January 25 at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT showing the bitter estate dispute that included sentimental and irreplaceable items from Ball's life and career. Then Axl Rose: Guns N' Roses Frontman premieres on Saturday, January 30 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT with a poignant look at the turbulent life of the definitive self-destructive frontman who achieved stratospheric success as a rock star but whose penchant for destroying relationships became as legendary as his electrifying stage antics. Before Guns N' Roses headlined concerts they played as special guests to Aerosmith. Aerosmith's thundering success of 25 gold and 30 platinum albums along with 21 top 20 singles including "Sweet Emotion" and "Walk This Way" came alongside crippling additions and epic egoic infighting leading to the band's collapse and unthinkable resurrection. See their incredible story in a special two-hour Aerosmith: BREAKING THE BAND on Sunday, January 31 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT.

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