Recap of Week 8 on CBS Sports THE TONY BARNHART SHOW


Last night's TONY BARNHART SHOW on CBS Sports Network featured a recap of Week 8 of the college football season, as well as an interview with BCS expert Jerry Palm. CBS Sports Network analyst and former University of Texas linebacker Brian Jones also weighs in on the Longhorns' loss to Oklahoma and head coach Mack Brown's future at the school.

"Mr. College Football" Tony Barnhart hosts the show along with Jones. The hard-hitting program debates and analyzes the hot topics and issues facing college football both on- and off-the-field. The show airs Tuesdays at 9:00 PM, ET throughout the season. 

Sean Whalen produces. Tyler Hale is Vice President, Studio Production, CBS Sports Network.

Following are excerpts from the show:

(Brian Jones on Texas' Loss to Oklahoma):
In the locker room there at the University of Texas there's a saying – "The pride and tradition of the University of Texas will not be entrusted to the weak nor timid." They are weak. They are timid. And they are soft. And we have seen this movie before. It keeps happening at the University of Texas. The only constant is the head coach. If they're content with doing this, if they're content with allowing their arch rival to put half a hundred on them every other year, then stay with the status quo. If they're not, then there needs to be a change… You need to teach toughness. They don't do that. This is a soft football team. They got pushed around. They embarrassed the entire alumni base. They embarrassed every football player that has ever played over there. It was sickening to sit there and watch that. And you can come up with every excuse you want to come up with, there's only one simple solution to this problem: there needs to be a (coaching) change.

(Jerry Palm on First BCS Standings of 2012):
At this time of the year, there are still 11 undefeated teams in major college football. You have six or seven of them in major conferences. With only half a season worth of data, the computers are going to be all over the map. Oregon, I don't really care what the computers say about them yet. Their poll position is really strong at #2. And that's what you need to look at. That's what is important. Obviously Alabama and Florida can't both finish undefeated, anyway. So Oregon is in fine shape, really, at #3, and has a really strong lead in the polls. And as we go through the season and we start to weed some of these teams out, Oregon's poll position is going to take over in the BCS ranking, as long as they don't give voters a reason to move them down.