ROCK IT GREEN Series Tackles Sustainability in the Entertainment Industry

"Rock It Green" is a television series where Hollywood POWER PLAYERS share their insights in an interview format conducted by a team member of Rock It Green on the subject of Sustainability within the Entertainment Industry and Influencing Change in their role as Entertainment Industry Professionals to set sustainable approaches for creating an environmentally soundproof industry on set and off.

Rock it Green will be produced by Angel Light Pictures and Dream Destinations, owned by Antonio Saillant. Rock It Green will be independently produced on Youtube in hopes to be picked up for a future TV series airing on broadcast television nationwide.

Having actors, producers, writers, crew, executive producers and directors speak about how they are contributing in the green movement is a positive way to spread global awareness to help save our world for future generations.

The most sustainable Rock in New York City is a perfect place to interview varied celebrities and sustainable professionals. Not only is Central Park's Umpire Rock well known for it's commanding view of nearby baseball diamonds, it has an unusually rich endowment of exposed, ancient bedrock-rocks that contain visible evidence of epochal events dating back hundreds of millions of years.

Saillant's mission is to spread sustainable awareness globally. The film industry is a great platform for a more sustainable future. His objective of the "Rock It Green" program is to identify perfect existing environmental best practices within film and television, based on interviews and behind the scenes look throughout film production in the motion picture industry.

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The Green Festival has been named the Official Media Partner of Rock It Green - The Green Festival is the largest and longest-running sustainability event in the United States, now in our 14th year. Their mission is to bring together the world's most trusted companies, innovative speakers, national and local innovative businesses, conscious consumers and pioneering thinkers like yourself, in one place to promote the best in sustainability and green living.

In April and June of 2015, Antonio Saillant gave a presentation on "Sustainability Within the Entertainment Business," and in September 2015, he will moderate a panel discussion at the Green Festival Expo in Los Angeles. []