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OutaLine Productions to Release Sam Cieri's IT LIVES IN MY CLOSET

OutaLine Productions to Release Sam Cieri's IT LIVES IN MY CLOSET

On August 7th OutaLine Productions will be releasing their debut series created by Sam Cieri "It Lives In My Closet": a socially conscious fantastical buddy comedy about a grump and the monster that lives in his closet. The series looks to reinforce and re-examine the fundamentals of humanity that we tend to lose sight of as we get older. Dancing from the absurd to heartbreak and everything in between, "It Lives In My Closet" is a project hoping to bring us all closer with the help of a little grey monster named "Phil".


The pessimistic and entitled Bobby is thrown out of his comfort zone after discovering a short fury monster living in his closet: Phil. Lost and alone, Bobby begrudgingly allows the child-like Phil to stay until they're able to find Phil's home. Following the classic odd couple dynamic the two begin to build a friendship as Phil challenges Bobby's singular and sometimes ignorant view of the world around him. Phil questions moments of moral frailty and is continually awestruck by the wonders of humanity and what it can accomplish when given the chance. As Bobby is reminded to truly see and appreciate all the moments, places, and people around him we can all witness how empathy and compassion are essential (though sometimes forgotten) pillars to our existence...even if it takes a short fury monster that lives in a closet to show us.

"The idea started with the intent being to create something in quarantine and needing another character to interact with. After purchasing and learning to work with the puppet that would come to be known as Phil I began conceptualizing the series as a straight forward comedy with no utility beyond entertainment. At this time in our country a multitude of social issues began coming to a head including COVID-19, the death of George Floyd along with the proceeding protests throughout the world. I began to notice a lack of compassion and empathy coming from old friends and members of my family. Those who had taught me right from wrong were now breaking my heart with their own moral discrepancies. Seeing this I began to readjust my views on my own creative output: what was I doing to help create a space for change with my voice? The goal then became to create a series that reinforced the fundamentals of morality and compassion for the world around us.

I began filming mid May 2020 - I was writing/acting/directing/editing/mixing/scoring each episode with the goal being to create the language of a show that could entertain and educate in a fantastical way. I also knew from the start that being a straight white man would mean I would not be able to do justice to the vast range of people and places I wanted to listen to and see. Collaboration within each episode was crucial: giving space to exceptionally talented and diverse creatives looking to educate and fill the world with their voice and experiences was the only way the series would work.

Each episode is written/filmed//edited and finalized within 2 weeks and with a budget of less than $100. I am truly in love with this series and all of the characters, stories, and worlds we are going to share with everyone." - (Series Creator) Sam Cieri

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