Nick Offerman Joins Drama Film WELCOME TO HAPPINESS

Nick Offerman Joins Drama Film WELCOME TO HAPPINESS

Variety writes that Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) has joined the upcoming drama WELCOME TO HAPPINESS. He will join previously announced Kyle Gallner in the film, written and directed by Oliver Thompson.

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In 'HAPPINESS', Gallner plays "a children's book author with a secret door in his closet". Offerman will play Gallner's father figure and landlord.

Also in the cast are Olivia Thirlby, Molly C. Quinn, Frances Conroy, Paget Brewster, Josh Brener and Brendan Sexton III.

Offerman's recent film credits include Believe Me, 22 Jump Street, Date and Switch, The Lego Movie, Tuna, We're the Millers and more. He has also appeared on TV in Axe Cop and Childrens Hospital.

The actor starred opposite his wife Megan Mullally in Annapurna off-Broadway this spring -- the pair also frequently appear together on NBC's comedy series Parks and Recreation. Offerman also appeared in off-Broadway's Adding Machine in 2008.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Broski