Manhattan Film Festival Screenings of GROWING UP FAT & ALBANIAN Set for April

Manhattan Film Festival Screenings of GROWING UP FAT & ALBANIAN Set for April

Manhattan Film Festival Screenings of GROWING UP FAT & ALBANIAN Set for April

Meet Ella, a headstrong young American woman who defies everything; her traditional Albanian upbringing, her strict family and her nemesis, the formidable Aunt Shirley, to risk it all for true love. This is a love story about growing up FAT and Albanian. Which one would you pick, your family or your heart? YOU decide. But choose wisely. And remember--love, luck, fate--no matter what life throws you, your family always has your back....that is if they don't stab you first. This is a story that's messy, complicated and even violent. This is a movie about FAMILY.

Elza Zagreda's 38 minute featurette "Growing Up Fat and Albanian" will be screened at Cinema Village (22 East 12th Street) as part of the Manhattan Film Festival on Saturday April 22 at 5PM and Sunday April 30 at 8PM. Initially screened at Tribeca Film Center in January where it drew packed audiences, the film owes its high visibility to a You-Tube trailer that has received more than 12,000 hits. Since the January premiere "Growing Up Fat and Albanian" has been accepted to eight festivals and competitions.

Written by Elza Zagreda who co-directed it with award winning filmmaker Dhimitri Ismailaj (Cannes International Film Festival) "Growing Up Fat and Albanian" has been voted Best Film by NYC Indie Film Awards. In addition Elza Zagreda and her co-star Isabella Knight were awarded Best Actor honors.Adding to the momentum the film recently received Awards of Recognition in the Film Short and Female Filmmakers categories from the prestigious Global Accolade Film Competition. Zagreda's movie also features Shpend Xani, Tony Naumovski , Filipe Valle Costa (Snowfall on FX)and Alexandra Moruzzi from the Sundance Festival hit Patty Cake$.Cinematography is by Shawn Schaffer, film editing by Frank Reynolds (In The Bedroom) and music by Aldo Shllaku (Spiderman).

Elza Zagreda has written and performed her critically acclaimed solo shows "Dating, Depression and Dirtbags: A Love Story", "Divorce Albanian Style!" and the show upon which the film is based, "Corn Bread and Feta Cheese: Growing Up Fat and Albanian", to sold out audiences in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit and Boston. She recently appeared on Bravo TV's ODD MOM OUT playing Monoma, a Russian housekeeper with attitude. On Broadway she's been in "Letters from Kosovo" with Vanessa Redgrave and Tim Robbins at the Helen Hayes Theatre directed by Eve Ensler. Other play credits include "The Vagina Monologues" at the Globe Playhouse in L.A. and "Trojan Women" directed by Ellen Mc Laughlin. On TV she co-starred in ABC's The Unusuals, 30 ROCK and Law and Order SVU.

Growing Up Fat and Albanian screens at Cinema Village (22 East 12th Street) on Saturday April 22nd at 5PM and Sunday April 30th at 8PM as part of the Manhattan Film Festival. Tickets are $12. For tickets go to Also go or call (212) 924-3363.

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*Growing Up Fat & Albanian has been accepted into Female Filmakers Festival,Manhattan Film Festival, Maryland International Film Festival, Bucharest Shortcut CineFest, Best Shorts Festival and SHORT To The Point.

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