HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER Stars Reveal Their Murderer Theories

They might star in the show, but even cast members get into the intrigue of their own story.

With the murderer finally revealed on ABC's HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, the cast has shared what their theories were about the culprit.

"My favorite was that Sam wasn't dead," Pete Nowalk told EW. "This was just Annalise playing a game on them to teach them. This was their final exam. I also heard someone say Sam was watching them in the woods when they flashed to his face, he was watching them through the trees."

Matt McGorry said, "There definitely was some part of me that wished Asher had an elaborate thought process that the whole slightly duncy, douchey thing was a big act and it's a Sling Blade type moment and he's the plotting, conniving, worst of all of them as opposed to the one who never actually lies of the group."

Alfred Enoch, who plays the actual murderer, Wes, said, "Jokingly, people came up with the odd outlandish statement, more in jest than in seriousness, that it's going to be the drunk couple or the campus cop. Thankfully I don't think we were in danger of that. It was more satisfying. You don't want to set up this whole mystery and now it's someone you saw for one second in the first episode who actually did it and you couldn't have worked it out. It's retrospectively engineered to make you feel something about that when you wouldn't if it wasn't such a bleak twist. That was never seriously suggested. But everything was possible."

Read more theories here.

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