Departing FOX Exec Kevin Reilly Cites Launching GLEE as Proudest Moment

Departing FOX Exec Kevin Reilly Cites Launching GLEE as Proudest Moment

Yesterday it was announced that Kevin Reilly would be leaving his post as FOX Entertainment chairman. In an interview with today, the exec talks about his decision to leave the network and some of his proudest achievements during his tenure.

"You wrestle with things. I'm excited about our new series we announced. But it's a very interesting tapestry out there right now," explained Reilly on his decision to leave his post. "Change is already afoot, and I think it will continue to evolve radically in a number of years. I started thinking about other avenues. I definitely don't think it's fair to be sitting in a chair like this, either daydreaming or kicking the tires on other opportunities. I'm a believer in broadcast TV. I loved this job. But as soon as I found my mind starting to drift, it was really time to be honest about that."

Asked what his proudest moments at FOX were, Reilly shared, "Launching Glee as a one-off pilot after American Idol and going viral over the summer." He added, "playing with air patterns - 15 episodes, now everyone's getting into the event series business; and shows that made waves. It was really about the people and the culture more than anything. I felt I was able to back producers who had some bold visions and it paid off. We were able to move the business forward a little bit and get out in front of things."

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