Darren Criss Recalls Choreographic Challenges Filming Iconic "Teenage Dream"

Darren Criss Recalls Choreographic Challenges Filming Iconic As part of an ongoing celebration, the cast of FOX's hit musical dramedy series Glee looks back at the musical highlights of the series so far as we anticipate the upcoming second part of the two-part 100 episode extravaganza tonight, with Glee breakout star Darren Criss recalling his nail-biting breakthrough performance of the Katy Perry hit "Teenage Dream".

Criss candidly shares, "Because Blaine started at a different school, my first performance on the stage was actually a makeshift rehearsal because our main rehearsal space was being used. I was vaguely familiar with the show, but I knew all about that stage. None of the actors playing The Warblers knew one another, I didn't know anyone who worked here, so they had us do this very simple step-touch move because I was a new character and they didn't know if I could dance. I'm, like, a C-minus dancer, so this was about the most intense they were going to give me."

Furthermore, Criss says, "So I'm doing this step-touch with all these other guys, who are also singers, not dancers, and then Adam Shankman walks in, who was prepping to direct the next episode, and I was like, Goddamnit! Of all the people to walk in right now, it's the dance guy. I remember that very well, and he does too - he's sure to remind me of how bad a dancer I was. But it worked out in the end because no one filmed that rehearsal. They filmed us in the blazers, and they edited it so well, and it changed my life."

Of note, Glee recently celebrated 100 episodes and the celebration continues this week with an episode titled "New Directions".

The official description of "New Directions" is as follows: "With the McKinley High School Glee club officially a thing of the past, many of those involved in New Directions, past and present, look towards what their futures hold. In a bid to keep music in the school in some form, returning substitute teacher Holly Holliday takes advantage of her oddly logical friendship with Principal Sue and wins approval for Will and the gleeks to try out a new, extra-curricular music club on a trial basis, but it doesn't go quite as planned. As the original members of New Directions work with limited success to mend the ongoing rift between Rachel and Santana, it takes wise words from an unexpected source to make any progress towards ending the feud. Meanwhile, with graduation imminent, Tina grows more concerned about her dwindling college options and - desperate to find her ticket out of Lima - resorts to using questionable tactics; Puck makes a heartfelt admission to Quinn, prompting an unexpected and welcome response; Brittany and Santana make a realization about themselves and the future of their relationship; and an increasingly (and uncharacteristically) pessimistic Will gets mixed news about his future as a teacher."

"New Directions" airs this Tuesday at 8 PM on FOX.

More information on Glee is available at the official site here.

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