CBS SUNDAY MORNING Features Jennifer Lopez This Weekend

CBS SUNDAY MORNING Features Jennifer Lopez This Weekend

Running a company that deals in music, clothing, perfume, TV programming and other products can sometimes feel overwhelming, singer-actress-entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez tells Lee Cowan in an interview for CBSSUNDAY MORNING WITH CHARLES OSGOOD to be broadcast May 19, 2013(9:00 AM, ET) on the CBS Television Network.

"Of course, it's overwhelming sometimes," Lopez tells Cowan. "And, yes, you're right, at times I'm like, 'Whoa, what am I taking on?' I'm taking on so much. It's so overwhelming. But I feel like life is overwhelming. And you can't be afraid of that."

Lopez has turned a singing and acting career into a multi-product corporation, which earned her the top spot on Forbes' Most Powerful Celebrities list last year.

Part of her empire is a 20-plus year deal to design clothes for the department store Kohl's, a deal so large she's reluctant to discuss publicly. "With seven-year options, I don't know, who likes to talk about this stuff? Not me," she tells Cowan. "I just like to play clothes, you know what I mean. Like, let's design the clothes and let's have fun. And what colors are we going to use? And ooh, I think you should do this shape. You know, that's my fun part."

Lopez says she likes to design things. She also says she can Bounce between designer and entertainer easily. "I can be an artist when I have to be an artist," she says. "But I can also, you know, be sensible and be a business person and kind of go by the numbers when I have to, you know?"

She also admits she's a workaholic, though doesn't see it as a dirty word. "I think we're supposed to work a lot in this life, you know what I mean, that's what it's about," she tells Cowan. "It's about being productive in this life and doing something with your life and being proud of what you're doing with your life that make you, you know, kind of an interesting and fulfilled person at the end of the day."

Cowan's interview with Lopez will air May 19, 2013 as part of CBSSUNDAY MORNING's designed-themed edition. Rand Morrison is the executive producer.