BWW's 'Some Like It Pop' Podcast Helps You Pick Which Movies to See and Avoid this Fall

BWW's 'Some Like It Pop' Podcast Helps You Pick Which Movies to See and Avoid this Fall

Hello Pop Culture Cinephiles! On this episode of "Some Like It Pop," BroadwayWorld's pop culture podcast, Matt and Jenn help you plan your moviegoing through the end of the year. The hosts talk about the award-bait, blockbuster, and miscellaneous movies they are most looking forward to through the end of 2017, and the movies they will be avoiding like the plague. Also, Jenn tries to turn Matt on to some cooler podcasts, and, as always, they close out the episode with a little "Show and Tell."

Topics Discussed:
Intro: 00:00:07
Jenn's New HAMILTON Story: 00:01:43
Award, Blockbuster, & Random Movies to See: 00:05:59
Fall Movies We Are Not Going to See: 00:38:33
Jenn Tries to Make Matt's Podcasts Cooler: 00:46:05
Show and Tell: 00:55:18
Outro: 01:02:42




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If you want to join the conversation, reach out to us on Twitter @SLIPpodcast. Also, Jenn is @EponineQ and Matt is @BWWMatt.


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