BWW Review: We Need to Discuss Why Owen Hunt is the Worst Character on Grey's Anatomy

BWW Review: We Need to Discuss Why Owen Hunt is the Worst Character on Grey's Anatomy

**SPOILER ALERT if you aren't caught up to season 15**

Owen Hunt may specialize in trauma surgery, but his real specialty is gaslighting every woman he's ever dated or married on Grey's Anatomy. From his introductory episode back in season 5 I knew I wasn't going to like him. He stabbed live pigs and then forced the residents to try to save their lives. Super classy and not at all traumatizing for the animals...

Let's talk about his relationships. He was married to and divorced from both Cristina Yang and Amelia Sheppard and both relationships were also affected by his long-time emotional affair with Teddy Altman. Oh, and he was also emotionally abusive toward all three women. He likes to control the women in his life, is terrible at communicating, and gets angry when things don't go his way.

Owen and Cristina's relationship doesn't start off great in season 5 and then just continues to go downhill for every season after. For the majority of their time together he makes a point to let her know how their relationship revolves around her and how she is selfish. He talks her into getting married, even though she clearly isn't ready and is still dealing with PTSD from the hospital shooting. Soon after, Cristina becomes pregnant. Multiple times in multiple seasons, Cristina has expresses how she does not want children. Owen tries to convince her to keep their baby and wants them to reach a compromise about it. (How do you reach a compromise on having a baby??) When he doesn't get his way, he yells and pouts like he usually does before deciding to accompany her to have the abortion. Then, in classic Owen fashion, he decides to bring it up again at a dinner party with all of their friends. He literally yells at Cristina, "You killed our baby!" in front of everyone. SUPER FUN GUY. He also cheated on her- physically and an emotional affair with Teddy Altman. Needless to say, they eventually get divorced.

His next relationship with Amelia Sheppard pretty much follows the same path as Cristina's. Their relationship begins around the time that Derek dies and the couple quickly gets married. Shortly after they marry, Amelia thinks she is pregnant. Turns out she isn't actually pregnant but she realizes that she doesn't want children, especially after dealing with the loss of her first child, which she conceived while on drugs. Afraid that she's holding Owen back from becoming a father, which is his ultimate goal in life (besides controlling the women he loves, of course) she stays at a different doctor's house to give him space. To fast forward a bit, Amelia gets a brain tumor, gets the brain tumor removed, her and Owen get divorced, then end up still having feelings for each other again, and eventually foster a teen drug addict and her son together.

I'm going to rewind a few seasons to tie Owen's relationship with Teddy Altman into this because it ends up affecting his and Amelia's (shocker). Owen and Teddy met in the army and soon became best friends. Teddy, however, developed feelings for Owen even though at the time he had a fiancé. Fast forward a couple of years and Owen invites Teddy to come to Seattle to work at the hospital. She's still in love with him. He strings her along throughout his relationship with Cristina. She marries a patient (Scott Foley) who dies, which puts a wedge between her and Owen. Then Teddy decides to leave Seattle and she's gone for several seasons. After Amelia and Owen get divorced he flies to Teddy to make some huge romantic gesture because he suddenly realizes he's in love with her because Amelia points it out to him. Obviously, he screws it up and Teddy tells him to go home.

Now, back to Amelia for a minute. Owen returns to Seattle and the two of them get back together and foster Betty (the drug addict teen) and her son, Leo. But surprise, Teddy shows up pregnant with Owen's baby. Congratulations Owen, you finally got that baby you've always wanted. This, obviously, puts a strain on Owen and Amelia's relationship. Owen acts very controlling over Teddy during the pregnancy and gets angry when she starts to date a surgeon at the hospital (even though he's dating Amelia??). At the same time as he's trying to control everything Teddy does, Owen is also telling Amelia (a recovered drug addict) that addiction isn't real and that people should basically just get over it. Super classy. Amelia, thankfully, breaks up with him and calls it a "moment of clarity." Owen, who we all know by now can't stand having things not go his way, attempts to win her back and when that doesn't work he tells her, "This is your fault...apparently there's just some fundamental part of you that can't love or be loved." Again, super classy, super fun guy. Now, his next step is probably trying to win Teddy over after years of manipulating her feelings for him.

So to wrap this up, Owen Hunt sucks. He's manipulative and controlling toward every woman he loves (he even tried to control who his mom was dating). I'm glad Cristina and Amelia didn't get stuck with him, and here's hoping for Teddy. The guy definitely needs to take the time to work on himself. More saving lives and less gaslighting please.

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