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BWW Review: Team Flash Battles Cicada on This Week's THE FLASH

BWW Review: Team Flash Battles Cicada on This Week's THE FLASH

It's hard to tell who's the bigger bad this season: Eobard Thawne or Cicada? This week, Team Flash is dealing with Cicada. Now that Team Flash has figured out that Cicada's plan is to kill every meta-human in the city, they have to figure out how to stop her. Their plan of action is to give all the metas a chance to take the cure so Joe and Cecile decide to set up CCPD as a clinic and begin administering it. With the news of Cicada's attack on Central City University, including Sherloque's girl, Renee Adler, metas across the city panic and flood CCPD, overwhelming Joe and Cecile.

Meanwhile, Team Flash tracks down the last thing that Grace needs to complete her plan-a hyperconduit-before she can get her hands on it. Unfortunately, Grace gets to it first and blows up the warehouse where it is being stored. Cicada has everything she needs, which means she can use her dagger to supercharge the atomizer and kill every meta not only in Central City but in the entire country.

Barry benches Nora for this mission because of her psychic connection to Grace, but of course, Nora doesn't like to be sidelined and goes behind her parents' backs and goes back into Grace's mind, nearly destroying Cisco's lab with red lightning firing in every direction. While Barry and Iris believe they were right to leave Nora out, after a surprisingly calm and adult confrontation between the West-Allens, Barry and Iris realize that they taught Nora to be a hero, even if it's dangerous, and they want to help her be one. Nora uses her psychic connection and finds Grace at CCPD where the metahumans are waiting to recieve their cure. Didn't Ralph say that corralling every meta at CCPD would make it one big target for Cicada?

While Team Flash tries to stop Cicada, Ralph is still hung up on the whole Thawne problem. In 2049, Thawne is out of time and is going to be executed. Ralph works through previous and alternate timelines and realizes that Cicada II doesn't make sense, that something doesn't add up. The rest of Team Flash ignores him.

However, when Grace shows up at CCPD, just like Ralph said she would, so does Team Flash. The Flash, Killer Frost, and Elongated Man get the metahumans awaiting the cure away from the scene and keep Cicada II occupied, who reveals to the team that she doesn't actually need the dagger to kill them while Vibe "sciences the heck out of" the atomizer to stop the virus from being released.

Team Flash should know by now not to ignore Ralph because just as they are about to use the mirror gun to destroy Cicada II's dagger, all the pieces come together and Ralph realizes that Grace didn't have Dwyer's dagger in the future, Thawne did and in 2049 the dagger is strapped to Thawne's jumpsuit. Ralph tries to stop THE FLASH from shooting the dagger with the mirror gun because destroying the dagger was probably Thawne's plan all along and as Ralph says, "Even Thawne's plans got plans."

Photo Credit: Jeff Weddell/The CW

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