BWW Recap: The TIMELESS Team Flies Sky High into the Roaring 20s

It only took thirteen episodes, but things are finally starting to take shape on TIMELESS. Earlier in the season, we learned that Lucy's biological father was in fact a high-ranking member of Rittenhouse - the organization she's been fighting against all this time. However, last week she finally confronted him about it, much to his relief, and Lucy's confusion. Talk about a conflict of interests.

To make matters worse, Wyatt realizes that, despite successfully changing history and stopping the man that he was led to believe was his wife's killer from being born, his wife is still dead, and there's nothing he can do to change that.

Even though Lucy and Wyatt are grappling with these life-changing realizations, the show must go on: Flynn disappears to 1927 France, and the gang must follow. Wyatt, Lucy, and Rufus team up with the one and only Ernest Hemingway to ensure that history remains unchanged.

Join me right here at 10 PM EST tonight as I live recap the latest episode of TIMELESS!

10:02: Cute that Lucy's dad thinks she's going to "come around." She's been fighting this group for ages now, sir - she's not going to accept this like it's no big deal.

10:07: Dave? A new guy? Interesting.

10:10: Flynn's targeting the Spirit of St. Louis now. Why go after Lindbergh?

10:16: Ernest Hemingway is officially the coolest person they've featured on this show. Knowing all the hot spots in 1920s Paris? He wins.

Also, calling Josephine Baker the 1920s Beyonce is spot. On.

10:20: The NSA has taken over and Agent Christopher is rightfully annoyed that nobody told her.

10:23: Wyatt warns Agent Christopher that the NSA (or whoever they are) aren't taking over in the way she thinks: they're staging a coup.

Well, Dave didn't last too long.

10:30: Alright, Hemingway, remember a few minutes ago when I said you were the coolest person on TIMELESS? I take that back. Now you're just very very drunk.

Turns out, Lindbergh becomes Rittenhouse a few years after this takes place. Lucy is convinced that she can talk him out of it - let's see how she does.

Also, just so we're keeping track: Conor Mason, Flynn, and Lucy all now know that Lucy's father is part of Rittenhouse. The secret is being revealed.

10:41: Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and rescind my earlier statement of "Hemingway is cool." Rufus is cool. Rufus stands up to Hemingway. Rufus stands up for his friends.

10:44: Lindbergh was supposed to call a member of Rittenhouse as soon as he landed, but Lucy encourages him to live his own life, despite what his family wants.

Meanwhile, Agent Christopher tells Wyatt that the "NSA" is really Rittenhouse, which means Rittenhouse is currently in control of Lucy, Rufus, and the Lifeboat.

10:51: Emma may be working for Flynn, but at least she's still willing to help Rufus and Co. out.

10:57: Aw, Rufus and Lucy don't realize everything that's happened since they left. Poor guys.

Oh shoot, Lucy's mom just gave her the journal that Flynn had! Those are some serious connections! (Ok fine, they're not serious, per se, but they are connections.)

Looks like the gang's back together and ready to fight. Let's do this.

What did you think of tonight's episode of TIMELESS? What would you do if you found out you were connected to Rittenhouse? Let us know in the comments below!

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