BRUNCH@BOBBY'S Among Cooking Channel's January Highlights

Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos launch the New Year Tuscan-style with a new season of EXTRA VIRGIN on Wednesday, January 7th at 9:00pm ET/6:00pmPT, embarking on new adventures with their family, friends and delicious Tuscan-inspired dishes. On Tuesday, January 27th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT, host Matt Basile heats up the primetime lineup when he hits the highway to explore the nation's very best food trucks and street food-inspired restaurants in series Rebel Without a Kitchen. In daytime, host Bobby Flay returns to cook up inspired sweet and savory dishes and cocktails to transform the morning from dull to delicious in Brunch @ Bobby's premiering Saturday, January 3rd at 12:00pmET/9:00amPT. On Sunday, January 4th at 2:30pmET/11:30amPT, Emeril Lagasse shares the very best food and events the Sunshine State has to offer, and the dishes inspired by his journey, in a new season of Emeril's Florida. Also, Cooking Channel offers premiere episodes in January of fan favorites including Donut Showdown, Eat St., Pizza Masters, Restaurant Redemption, Robert Earl's Be My Guest, TACO TRIP and Unique Sweets. Plus, has the healthy recipes, menus and how-to's to start 2015 off right. Join the Cooking Channel conversation on Twitter and Facebook.


Brunch @ Bobby's
Premiering Saturday, January 3rd at 12:00pmET/9:00amPT - "Waffles Gone Wild" -SEASON PREMIERE!
Ordinary waffles are a thing of the past with host Bobby Flay's innovative brunch creations! Bobby wows with a menu of unexpected waffle creations like Cornbread Waffles with Ranch-Style Eggs and Cilantro Crema and Glazed Waffle Donuts! He dishes out the unexpected, mixing up a cool Wine Smoothie.
Premiering Saturday, January 17th at 12:00pmET/9:00amPT - "Wake Up Brunch"
Two of Bobby Flay's favorite things come together for a brunch menu that awakens the senses! His coffee-inspired creations include Scrambled Eggs with Sweet Potato Biscuits, Ham Steak and Red Eye Gravy, Espresso-Chocolate Chip Banana Bread with Espresso-Cinnamon Butter and a blended Spiced Mocha Lassi.
Premiering Saturday, January 24th at 12:00pmET/9:00amPT - "Say Cheese"
Bobby Flay knows that cheese makes everything better, and brunch is no exception! He serves up some cheese-filled dishes like Meyer Lemon Ricotta Crepes with Candied Almonds, a Frittata with Thyme Roasted Potatoes, Smoked Mozzarella and Tomato-Basil Pesto and Cream Cheese Pancakes with Cherries Jubilee Syrup.

Online, find out Bobby Flay's picks for favorite brunch music, advice for brunch emergencies and more with new web-exclusive video featuring brunch secrets. Join the brunch banter at #BrunchatBobbys.

Donut Showdown
Premiering Thursday, January 1st at 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT - "Ancient Greece"
A DJ from Pembroke Pines, Florida, a vegan baker from Ottawa, Ontario, and a vocalist from Somerville, Massachusetts, compete in a speedy elimination round with grape drink powder as the mystery ingredient. The last two standing compete for $10,000 in an Ancient Greece-themed DONUT SHOWDOWN hosted by Daryn Jones.
Judges:Duff Goldman, Eden Grinshpan, Maggie McKeown
Premiering Thursday, January 8th at 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT - "Picnic"
An ex-private investigator from Tampa, a brioche specialist from Chicago and a farm-born pastry chef from Toronto compete in a speedy elimination round with bourbon as the mystery ingredient. The last two standing compete for $10,000 in a picnic-themed DONUT SHOWDOWN hosted byDaryn Jones.
Judges: Duff Goldman, Eden Grinshpan, Maggie McKeown
Premiering Thursday, December 15th at 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT - "Great Outdoors"
An organic farmer from Windsor, Ontario, a self-professed nerd from Seattle and a small town boy from Orillia, Ontario, compete in a speedy elimination round with chilies as the mystery ingredient. The last two standing compete for $10,000 in a great outdoors-themed DONUT SHOWDOWN hosted by Daryn Jones.
Judges: Zane Caplansky, Eden Grinshpan, David Rocco
Premiering Thursday, January 22nd at 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT - "Italian Feast"
An ex-law enforcement officer from New Haven, Connecticut, a pastry chef from Toronto and a nose-to-tail food stand owner from Ithaca, New York, compete in a speedy elimination round with marshmallow as the mystery ingredient. The last two standing compete for $10,000 in an Italian feast-themed DONUT SHOWDOWN hosted by Daryn Jones.
Judges: Zane Caplansky, Maggie McKeown, David Rocco

Online, watch web-exclusive video of the judges dishing on the best donut they ever ate, and find out what makes a great donut on Join the sprinkled and powdered sugar-covered conversation at #DonutShowdown.

Eat St.
Premiering Tuesday, January 27th at 10:30pmET/7:30pmPT - "Seoul Food"
Host James Cunningham samples soul food on wheels in Orlando, Florida at the Sushi and Seoul on a Roll truck. Then, he heads west to Denver, Colorado for authentic New Zealand cuisine at the Big Kiwi's Gourmet Eats truck. In Austin, Texas, James enjoys sliders and tacos with an Asian flair at the Peached Tortilla truck. He finishes off his trip in Los Angeles, at the Steel City Sandwiches truck, bringing the best eats from Pittsburgh to the streets of Los Angeles.

Online, find local food trucks eats around the neighborhood with an interactive food truck map. Join the truck chatter with #EatSt.

Emeril's Florida
Premiering Sunday, January 4th at 2:30pmET/11:30amPT - "Coming to America" - SEASON PREMIERE!
Emeril visits three chefs born in foreign countries who now own successful restaurants in Florida. First, Emeril visits with a Sushi Chef from Vietnam before meeting with a Moroccan native who trained in France and Norway prior to living in Florida. The third stop is with a German-born chef who now runs one of the top-rated French restaurants in the state. Finally, Emeril dishes on one of his favorite dishes, Sambal Shrimp.
Premiering Sunday, January 11th at 2:30pmET/11:30amPT - "Big Night Out"
Emeril visits three restaurants to consider when looking to have a big night out for a special occasion. His first stop is the award-winning Italian restaurant Casa D'Angelo Ristorante in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Then he heads to Sarasota on the Gulf Coast of Florida to visit Michael's on East, another highly acclaimed favorite in the state. Emeril then visits Salt, the signature restaurant at the Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island which has been one of the top-rated resorts in the country for a number of years. Inspired by his visits, Emeril prepares a dish for a big night in: Corn Cakes with Florida Caviar and Chive Crema.
Premiering Sunday, January 18th at 2:30pmET/11:30amPT - "Space Coast"
Emeril travels to Florida's Space Coast on the east coast of the state. He begins in Cocoa Village at Cafe Margaux, arguably one of the best restaurants in the Space Coast area. Cafe Margaux serves bistro fare and has been the place to go in the Cocoa area for fine dining for almost 25 years. His next stop is The Fat Snook in Cocoa Beach, a family-owned casual beachside restaurant, where the owners have a passion for fresh, local seafood and top-quality seasonal ingredients. He next visits Cafe Coconut Cove, serving up authentic German cuisine and craft beers since 1987. Local seafood is ON THE MENU when Emeril prepares Florida Lobster with Pappardelle.
Premiering Sunday, January 25th at 2:30pmET/11:30amPT - "South Florida Favorites"
Emeril travels to the southern part of Florida to visit some of his favorite restaurants he has encountered over the years. He visits his long-time friend and James Beard Award winner, Michelle Bernstein, at her famous restaurant Michy's in downtown Miami. Next, Emeril crosses the bridge to Miami Beach to Pubbelly to meet the owners of the hottest gastropub in Miami. Emeril then travels to the Florida Keys for a stop at the historic Cheeca Lodge, and samples their signature restaurant Atlantic's Edge. Emeril finishes up his visit by preparing one of his favorite Florida seafood dishes: Yellowtail Snapper with a Classic Meuniere Sauce.

Online, get Emeril's top recipes from his travels through the best of the Sunshine State's food scene. Join the journey with #EmerilsFlorida.

Extra Virgin
Premiering Wednesday, January 7th at 9:00pm ET/6:00pmPT - "Gift to the Neighborhood" - SEASON PREMIERE!
Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos have been living in their Brooklyn neighborhood for a couple of years and they have really grown to love it. Their neighbors have welcomed them with open arms and they feel a very strong connection to all of the local shops and restaurants. Now they want to give back the only way they know how: by cooking for them. Gabriele and Debi take over one of the neighborhood's restaurants for the day, to prepare a variety of Tuscan recipes and serve their neighborhood friends a meal. Since they are cooking for the locals, they will be shopping in all of their favorite local shops for ingredients for the big feast.
Premiering Wednesday, January 14th at 9:00pm ET/6:00pmPT - "Deb's Fashion Show"
Gabriele has his motorcycle passion, but Debi has always had an interest for fashion. Her friend, Zac Posen, is a famous New York-based fashion designer. Debi takes Giulia, who inherited her mom's love of fashion, to Zac's studio for a behind-the-scenes tour and a dress fitting. Meanwhile, Gabriele has gone to the Fulton Fish Market to get fresh seafood for dinner. Zac later comes over to help cook a seafood-inspired Tuscan dinner.
Premiering Wednesday, January 21st at 9:00pmET/7:00pmPT - "James Beard Supper"
Gabriele and Debi have been asked to cook at the James Beard House in New York City. The James Beard Foundation is well known throughout the culinary community for its educational programs, industry awards and scholarships. Gabriele and Debi will have an opportunity to add their names to the prestigious list of guest cooks, as they create the best possible culinary experience for an intimate group of friends that will get to share the evening with them.
Premiering Wednesday, January 28th at 9:00pmET/7:00pmPT - "The Drill"
While living in Los Angeles, Debi and Gabriele would discuss what they would do when the big earthquake hit and left them living completely off the grid. Then, they moved to New York and Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. Gabriele and Debi decide to take a day to prepare the family for the possibility of another major disaster in what they are calling 'The Drill'. Can the family go the whole day without electricity or any modern conveniences? And can Gabriele and Debi cook dinner for the family without electricity or gas?

Online, catch behind-the-scenes and find out how Gabriele and Debi keep the passion in and out of THE KITCHEN on Join the Tuscan tattle at #ExtraVirgin.

Pizza Masters
Premiering Tuesday, January 6th at 9:00pmET/6:00pmET - "Deep Dish Pizza? - Chicago, IL"
New York pizza guys Fran Garcia and Sal Basile are in The Windy City armed with forks, knives and napkins and on a mission to discover the secrets of Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Their goal is to settle the age old debate: Is Chicago Deep Dish even pizza at all? First, they head to Lou Malnati's Pizzeria, the arguable birthplace of deep dish, to make the Chicago Classic stuffed with sausage on a butter crust. Next, they stop by Roots Handmade Pizza to try a new take on Chicago-style with their Taco Pizza. Finally, they head to Hoosier Mama's for a deep dish pie on the sweeter side. Pizza or not, the verdict on this trip is that Chicago's eats are delicious!
Premiering Tuesday, January 13th at 9:00pmET/6:00pmET - "Cleveland Rocks"
New York pizza cousins Fran Garcia and Sal Basille are in Cleveland, Ohio. Fran is on the prowl for a new Cadillac, and during the test drive they find the best food and the most amazing music in the Home of Rock and Roll! They are heading to the West Side Market to make pizza bagels at Frickaccio's Pizza Market, perfect any time of day. Then, they visit Sokolowski's University Inn, one of the oldest restaurants in Cleveland, to learn how they make their famous stuffed cabbage and Salisbury steak. Next, they stop by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame where their jaws drop at the site of the amazing music exhibits. Finally, they head over to the Velvet Tango Room for cocktails, the best bananas foster, and to make a sweet deal on a new Caddy.
Premiering Tuesday, January 20th at 9:00pmET/6:00pmET - "Sal's Big Fat Italian Birthday" - SERIES FINALE!
It is Sal's birthday, and his cousin Fran has a surprise party planned for him. He invited the whole family to come celebrate; dozens of fun, happy, loud Italians of all ages partying in Fran's big house in Staten Island. Before the shindig, Fran must keep Sal occupied all day so he does not catch wind of the party, so he sets up a special birthday lunch for Sal at his favorite Asian restaurant in the city, Xi'an Famous Foods. Owner and chef Jason Wang gives Sal a private lesson on the secrets of hand-pulled noodles and dumplings. Fran had arranged a custom batch of lemon meringue birthday doughnuts from Fany Gerson at Dough for the party, but they are not ready in time, so Fran stalls as he tells Sal they have to head to Artichoke Pizza to handle a "big order." Finally, Fran and Sal head to the house in Staten Island and when they arrive Sal is completely surprised!

Online, find Francis Garcia and Sal Basille's web-exclusive tips to perfect New York-style pizza in a home kitchen, ideas for toppings to elevate pizza and more on Join the pepperoni-topped conversation at #PizzaMasters.

Rebel Without a Kitchen - Premiering Tuesday, January 27th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT - SERIES PREMIERE!
Host Matt Basile hits the road to explore the rising street food scene in North America, traveling from Portland to Montreal, from New York to Miami, in search of the most incredible food trucks and street-food inspired restaurants. Leaning on locals to help guide his journey, Matt plugs into the street-food movement, one bite at a time.

Online in December, find web-exclusive videos of Matt Basile showing his friends how to make some of the coolest street food around. Join the street-food movement with #RebelWithoutaKitchen.

Restaurant Redemption
Premiering Tuesday, January 6th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT - "Naked Chorizo "
Food trucks are the latest foodie fad, but one truck in San Francisco is suffering from an identity crisis and has called in Ching-He Huang to help. Zenia Llamas was inspired to make her own "naked chorizo," the spicy Spanish sausage served without the usual casing. A food truck showcasing Zenia's chorizo-based Spanish-Filipino dishes was the logical next step. Things started to veer off course when customers, confused by the name and branding, assume that Naked Chorizo is a Mexican food truck. Their reluctance to try the Fusion fare has resulted in the food truck's profits coming to a skidding halt. Zenia, however is a strong-minded firebrand who refuses to change the name of her business. Can Ching put this food truck back on the right track or will she be on a collision course with Zenia from the start?
Premiering Tuesday, January 13th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT - "Korea House "
Ching is heading to SILICON VALLEY to help a restaurant owner keep her establishment afloat. Hye Kim is the owner of Korea House, a restaurant specializing in a Korean all-you-can-eat buffet. With big tech companies and college campuses nearby, it should be filled to the rafters with hungry office workers, but it is failing to attract customers. She has also borrowed thousands from her family and friends who are bankrolling her restaurant. Hye has little restaurant experience and finds it hard to be authoritative without shouting, struggling to earn the respect of her staff. With bankruptcy looming, can Ching help this failing restaurant before it is forced to shutter?
Premiering Tuesday, January 20th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT - "Thai Rock "
Ching's heads to iconic Rockaway Beach in New York to help a waterfront restaurant that has already survived despite the odds. Two years ago, ex-Wall Street worker Robert and his Thai wife Metta's beachfront restaurant Thai Rock was decimated by Hurricane Sandy. The cleanup operation left them in debt, and Robert has sunk everything he owned into Thai Rock. Two years later, the surrounding neighborhood has not fully recovered from the devastation and with people still struggling to cover the cost of home restoration, paying to eat out is considered a luxury not many can afford. Helping a struggling restaurant survive within the recovering Rockaway community sounds like mission impossible. Has Ching finally bitten off more than she can chew?

Online, find Ching's web-exclusive guides to Chinese cooking. Ching has helped dozens of professional chefs revitalize their Asian food and run-of-the-mill establishments; imagine what she can do for you! Join the conversation at #RestaurantRedemption.

Robert Earl's Be My Guest - Premiering Mondays at 12:00pmET/9:00amPT
Entrepreneur and restaurateur Robert Earl is a man on a culinary quest. Come along for the ride as Robert experiences new delicious finds at four star restaurants, food trucks and other hidden food gems. He shares all his best secrets so you, as his personal guest, can have the ultimate dining experience. Robert's infectious personality and love of food will invigorate a passion for food that you never knew you had!

Taco Trip
Premiering Tuesday, January 6th at 9:30pmET/6:30pmET - "San Francisco"
Roam the winding streets of San Francisco with Aarón Sánchez as he seeks out Mexican favorites crafted for the northern Californian palate. Go big with a famed Mission-style burrito at Papalote that's bulging with carne asada, chicken and prawns. Soak in the ambience of Lolo-Cevicheria with a Mezcal Mule and their panko-crusted shrimp in a jicama tortilla. Head to Tacolicous for a raw tuna tostada washed down with a habanero-infused tequila cocktail, and meet a special guest of Aarón's at one of her favorite dining hot spots.
Premiering Tuesday, January 13th at 9:30pmET/6:30pmET - "Philadelphia "
Host Aarón Sánchez hits the streets of Philadelphia on his latest search for the best Mexican food in America. No culinary tour of Philadelphia would be complete without a cheesesteak and at Union Taco, you get the best of both worlds in their Philly Cheese Steak Taco! Then savor a true Pennsylvania Dutch staple served up as a "scrapple taco" at Sancho Pistola's. Next up, a Philly original from Tuk Tuk Real dishes up a Thai Fusion duck taco. At the last stop, La Calaca Feliz features a cauliflower taco so good it makes meat-craving carnivores rethink their menu choices.
Premiering Tuesday, January 20th at 9:30pmET/6:30pmET - "Nashville" - SERIES FINALE!
Chef Aarón Sánchez is heading to NASHVILLE to sample Southern takes on his beloved taco. At Mas Tacos Por Favor, he will get a two-for-one with their deep-fried avocado taco and their sweet potato taco. At Smoke Et Al, their house-smoked pork belly and BLT taco has customers reaching for a sweet tea. Delta Bound is throwing down deep fried catfish tacos with Creole flavors straight from the Mississipi Delta. And finally, Taco Mamacita is throwing down Peruvian chicken chorizo tacos paired with Black Cadillac Bourbon margaritas!

Online, check out hilarious photos of host Aarón Sáncheztrying to swallow some of the hottest foods in the country on Join the journey with #TacoTrip.

Unique Sweets
Premiering Sunday, January 4th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT - "Chocolate"
When it comes to sweets, chocolate is king, and inspires chefs to reach new heights with amazing dishes. At Petsi Pies in Somerville, Massachusetts, the indulgence begins with pie crusts made from ground chocolate cookies, chocolate peanut butter banana pie and incomparable Mississippi Mud Pie. Bean-to-bar chocolatiers French Broad Chocolates in Ashville, North Carolina create the addictive Chocolate Mocha Stout cake with dark chocolate, coffee and local stout beer, then up the ante with their thick and creamy take on hot chocolate; Maple and Smoked Sea Salt Liquid Truffle. Roni-Sue's Chocolate's on New York City's Lower East Side started a movement with its Pig Candy: crispy slices of fried bacon dipped in chocolate.
Premiering Sunday, January 11th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT - "Sweet Tour of Queens"
This trip samples sweets in the incredibly diverse borough of Queens to find one of a kind baked treats. Rudy's Bakery and Café has been putting their own spin on classics like the German chocolate cake since 1934. La Nueva bakery brings a taste of Latin America to the neighborhood with its signature Uruguayan sandwich cookies, and at Norma's they are dreaming up delicious creations like the Frankencrispie: part brownie, part cookie and part cereal bar, this sweet combo will zap some life back into your taste buds.

Online, flip though a gallery of the most mouth-watering desserts around and share sweet sentiments with #UniqueSweets.

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