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Amazon Acquires College Students Thesis Film

Amazon Acquires College Students Thesis Film

As part of Amazon's new film strategy of straight-to-service titles and starry Sundance buys the now studio giant has also an eye on the best indie films the world has to offer- even if the title is a college thesis.
Introducing filmmakers Mike Perrone and Geoffrey Makowski. Their college thesis: Evol is the first movie of its kind to be aquired for distribution for the Amazon platform.
Evol stars Andi Matichak (who stars opposite Jamie Lee Curtis in
Halloween), Conor Donovan, Alexis Dziena, Ethan Slater, Katrina Lenk, J. Dixon Byrne and Matthew Lawrence.
Peronne and Makowski formed Sonder Pictures right after they shot EVOL: The Theory of Love in 2015. They graduated and started screening the film in the festival circuit in 2017.
Michael Perrone was born in Santa Monica, California. Peronne attended Notre Dame High School from 2006 to 2010. This is the same school Katherine McPhee, Academy Award-Winner Rami Malek, Jimmy Tatro, and Molly McCook attended.
In 2013, He began studying at the School of Visual Arts, where he eventually wrote and directed his first feature Evol. He teamed up with Geoffrey Makowski to raise $100,000 for the film. The project was entirely made by SVA students and subsequently prompted the two to start Sonder Pictures - Currently residing on both coasts, the team continues to build a name by finding new upcoming talent and projects.
Geoffrey Makowski - Born in the New York area, Makowski attended the School of Visual Arts 2012-2016. While attending college he produced a $100,000 feature film, EVOL. He has since gone on to produce five award winning short films and has a documentary, television series and feature film slated to release this year. He founded Sonder Pictures in 2016.
Whats next for the Genius duo:
Motion Picture Kurt, shoots Summer 2019. Actors Ian Nelson, Katelyn Pearce, J. Dixon Byrne Caitlin Carver, and Harley Quinn Smith are attached. The RISE and demise of a models career told through the eyes of a fading fashion photographer.
Untitled horror tv series shooting this Fall in upstate New York. An anthology type series that blends BLACK MIRROR with American Horror Story.
Born in the New York area, attended the School of Visual Arts 2012-2016. While attending college he produced a $100,000 feature film EVOL. He has since gone on to produce five award winning short films and has a documentary, television series and feature film slated to release this year. He founded Sonder Pictures in 2016.
(Un)lucky comedy cop pilot to be shot in the winter of 2019. A dark comedy centered around an unlucky police officer and his partner in crime that seems to have miraculous fate. BARRY meets Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Short film Otherland - starring Tony Revolori and Isabelle Furhman. A young girl finds herself STUCK in a strange world. Lonely and scared, she meets a boy who is also STUCK in this world. Their journey leads them to a life lesson. Directed by Alexander Le Bas.
Untitled Documentary about the turmoil in Venezuela. To be directed by Venezuelan Rafael Medina Aldafio.
In Post-Production: Short film Churubusco directed by Italian born Director Lorenzo Zanini. It's a western that takes place during the Mexican American war revolving around a multi cultured band of soldiers IN SEARCH OF the Land of Churbusco.
Undertow will be screened at festivals in the Spring and Summer of 2019, a story about the opiate crisis in Long Island. Directed by Richard Staubitz.
FILM CRITIC Richard Propes from The Independent Critic:
"Evol: The Theory of Love is the thesis project for writer/director Michael Perrone at the School of Visual Arts. A low-budget indie made for about $100,000, the film is an experimental, thought-provoking film that has already experienced quite a bit of success on the film festival circuit including wins for lead actor Conor Donovan and a Best of Fest prize for the film itself. Shot in 25 days in New York City, New Jersey and Montauk, Evol: The Theory of Love has already screened at the North Hollywood Cinefest, Soho International and Hoboken International Film Festival.
The film tells the story of troubled 17-year-old Jacob (Donovan) , though it tells his story in a less structured way that is without question an intentional artistic choice that will likely work best for those used to the low-budget/indie scene and styles of filmmaking not often found among wide release films. This isn't a bad thing - not at all. If anything, I would likely say that Evol: The Theory of Love is a perfectly suited festival film where Perrone's unique vision and artistic vision will be more easily embraced.
After Jacob finds himself in another round of trouble from vandalizing, he calls it creating art, the "Welcome to Montauk" sign, Jacob's parents opt to force the issue of psychiatric help, a journey that finds Jacob forced to face the brutal realities of life while also, much to his surprise, experiencing what may be real love for the first time.
While this may sound like a schmaltzy story, it's very much not a schmaltzy story in the hands of Perrone. Evol: The Theory of Love is a coming-of-age story, but not a paint-by-numbers one with your stereotypical happy ending. Instead, it's grounded in authenticity and life lessons and hard-earned insights.
As Jacob, Conor Donovan (The Departed) is edgy but not too edgy, vulnerable yet not over-the-top vulnerable. It's a nicely balanced, emotionally honest performance that avoids unnecessary histrionics. Among the supporting players, Aynsley Bubbico (Greek) is a particular stand-out that hits all the right notes that makes her journey with Jacob completely believable.
The crew, most of which are under the age of 25, nicely bring Perrone's vision to life. Kenneth Cabanilla's lensing is beautifully framed and gives a distinct aura to each character while subtly uniting them. Tasked with lensing a film that isn't really told in a traditional style, Cabanilla manages to nicely create a sense of visual storytelling. Kudos as well should go to Meaghan Cleary for her ability to create a look that makes sense both intellectually and emotionally.
Evol: The Theory of Love is, when it comes down to it, is a film I more respected for Perrone's artistic vision than actually enjoyed experiencing. My commitment to the film, however, grew as the film itself progressed and we had the opportunity to grow more and more into the lives of these characters. It's a film that intrigued me and made me interested in seeing Perrone's future projects, a couple of which are already in the works. For those interested in unique storytelling and visually arresting filmmaking, Evol: The Theory of Love explores a familiar, universal subject in a quietly creative and different way and challenges its audience to explore what it means to them.
Watch for the film at a film festival near you."
Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic

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