Hundreds of International Professionals Headed to Operadagen Rotterdam

Hundreds of International Professionals Headed to Operadagen Rotterdam

Hundreds of International Professionals Headed to Operadagen Rotterdam

Operadagen Rotterdam is the place to be for opera and music theatre professionals from around the world for 10 days later this month. The festival is a prime opportunity for catching up with the latest developments in the field and to meet up with colleagues, exchange ideas, and gain new inspiration.

Operadagen Rotterdam 2017 proudly hosts the European Cultural Parliament; this think tank for shared European culture and identity will convene in the Netherlands for the very first time. There is also a dedicated professionals' programme that ties in with the Classical:NEXT conference. On top of this, Operatie Muziektheater presents promising Dutch talents to the global music industry.

European Cultural Parliament
Operadagen Rotterdam instigates and facilitates international debates and reflection. All the more reason why the festival is delighted to be this year's host and co-programmer for the European Cultural Parliament (ECP), a forum for prominent cultural practitioners in the fields of European art, culture, and letters from 43 countries. The ECP aims to strengthen a common European culture and identity. The members will congregate from 11 through 13 May in Het Nieuwe Instituut to discuss topical themes such as diversity, tolerance, and internationAl Cooperation. This year's special focus is on the theme of migration. Frie Leysen is one of the keynote speakers.

Future of Europe is a public debate that takes place in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg on Saturday 13 May at 7:30 p.m. The ECP members will enter into dialogue and discuss Europe's future with the creators of performances featured at Operadagen Rotterdam 2017.

Professionals' programme with Classical:NEXT
Classical:NEXT will be held from 17 through 20 May in De Doelen. Since its first edition in 2012, it is the largest conference for classical music in the world with over 3,000 professionals from 45 countries. Classical:NEXT and Operadagen Rotterdam have planned several joint professionals events, with optimum opportunities for interaction between makers from all over the globe. The participants will meet during discussions, network gatherings, and at meal times. Also programmed is a visit to the performance Have a Good Day! on 17 May and a Lunch with the Residents on 18 May, which showcases samples from four different performances.<

Operatie Muziektheater
Professionals from the Netherlands and abroad are introduced to the key music theatre talents of today and tomorrow at Operatie Muziektheater. On Saturday 20 May at Ro Theater, a selection from winning new works by Dutch music theatre makers is on the menu. The first edition of GALA! will be presented in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg immediately following Operatie Muziektheater. This is a celebration of international music theatre that includes an awards ceremony and puts extraordinary artists in the spotlight. The Belgian bands Dez Mona and B.O.X., the Ragazze Quartet, and the young Dutch star soprano Nora Fischer are among those who will perform.

About Operadagen Rotterdam
Operadagen Rotterdam is an international opera and music theatre festival, which attracted over 23,000 visitors in 2016. The festival presents contemporary, innovative, and ground-breaking productions created by successful and young adventurous makers from around the world. Go to for the latest information about the upcoming edition and for online ticket sales.

Please visit for more information about the professionals' programme. Both Operatie Muziektheater and the professionals' programme are realised with the generous support of Dutch Performing Arts, among others.

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