VIDEO: Blake Pfeil Releases Music Video for “Wallpaper” Featuring Michael Hartung from NBC's PETER PAN LIVE

By: Mar. 01, 2015

Following the sold-out Manhattan-based concert series The Papering Sessions, a successful digital album release, and the launch of the online docu-series Off the Wall, songwriter Blake Pfeil has released the music video for the title track off his debut album Wallpaper. Check out the music video below!

The music video was conceived and directed by Sharone Halevy and features Mr. Pfeil, as well as Michael Hartung, who appeared in NBC's Peter Pan LIVE last year. "I like simplicity, elegance, and a fly-on-the-wall aesthetic in videos. I think what Sharone created is all three of those things. It's graceful, and it flows with a great deal of ease because we did it with the single-take approach. The song is about something pretty fundamental: learning to accept that the dark stuff never really goes away. Someone who wants to make a change will only truly be able to do that once he accepts that a poisonous relationship, a haunted place, an addiction, will always hold a small sliver of him, and that's okay."

Wallpaper is the freshman effort from folk/pop, NYC-based singer-songwriter Blake Pfeil. After a wildly successful crowd-funding campaign, Wallpaper was recorded at DeGraw Sound in Brooklyn, NY. Wallpaper saw its worldwide release in 2014 and is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and several other online music retailers. Its companion online docu-series, Off the Wall, was produced by Roo McGoo and debuted in November on YouTube. Through a theatrical kaleidoscope, Mr. Pfeil's unique sound hovers the fence between pop and folk, and it balances a razor-sharp, rhythm-based sound (that has been compared to the likes of Ben Folds, Jamie Cullum, and Bruce Hornsby) with lyrics that explore a poignant charm, often compared to the storytelling focus of Joni Mitchell and Don Henley and the wit and depth of Sara Bareilles and David Bowie.

After a sold-out 2013 NYC debut at Joe's Pub (Blake Pfeil is in Love with a Girl Named... Irene,) Blake's music has since been featured in larger venues like the Highline Ballroom and Rockwood Music Hall, as well as on the club scene, including The Bitter End, where his mash-up of his song "Chomp" and Rihanna's/Calvin Harris' "We Found Love" was featured on Playbill's "Unforgettable Theatre Experiences of 2014." Alongside two-time Tony nominee Robin De Jesus, Blake shot a video for his song "Queen," which was featured as part of GLAAD's Gay Pride celebrations in 2013. Blake's musical The Year of the Scorpion is currently in development and saw its premiere reading with the Freight Project last summer at Hubbard Hall in Cambridge, NY.