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Stage Door Records Launch 'Lost Broadway' Album Series


Stage Door Records Launch 'Lost Broadway' Album Series

Following the critically acclaimed 'Lost West End' album series, Stage Door Records present the launch of 'Lost Broadway', a new series of albums that will focus on celebrating Broadway's forgotten and obscure musicals. With each album dedicated to specific years in Broadway history, the 'Lost Broadway' series launches with 'Lost Broadway 1961', a particularly abundant year in the Broadway calendar for musicals whose residencies were short lived but deserve not to be forgotten.

Presented as a Deluxe 2CD Set, 'Lost Broadway 1961' features 57 tracks including over 20 tracks appearing on CD for the very first time. The album includes a complete disc of Original Broadway Cast Recordings and a companion disc of 'Covers And Rarities', showcasing pop covers and other rare recordings from the Broadway musicals of 1961 (including the musicals '13 Daughters' and 'The Conquering Hero', shows that weren't afforded a Broadway Cast Album due to their limited runs). The selections featured on 'Lost Broadway 1961' include a broad range of musical styles and genres from prolific musical theatre writers including Jerry Herman, Jule Styne, Betty Comden, Adolph Green, Noel Coward, Bob Merill and Richard Adler. The 'Lost Broadway 1961' featured musicals are '13 Daughters', 'The Conquering Hero', 'The Happiest Girl In The World', 'Milk And Honey', 'Subways Are For Sleeping', 'Sail Away', 'Let It Ride!', 'Donnybrook!', 'Carnival', 'The Gay Life', 'Kean' and 'Kwamina'. The album boasts a host of star performers including Elaine Stritch, Alfred Drake, Barbara Cook, Carol Lawrence, Cyril Ritchard, Sally Ann Howes, Johnny Mathis, Margaret Whiting, Dinah Shore, Gordon MacRae, Judy Garland, Robert Goulet, Doris Day, Eddie Fisher and many more.

Commenting on the new 'Lost Broadway' album series, Tim Hutton of Stage Door Records said:

"In 2015 we released the album 'Lost West End', originally intended as a singular album release, we were overwhelmed by the response to the collection from like minded musical theatre collectors who share our drive to preserve and celebrate forgotten musicals of the past. Based on the response to this first album, a 'Lost West End' series was launched which evolved into five unique volumes celebrating London's forgotten musicals across the decades. We're thrilled to begin a new chapter in Stage Door's 'Lost Musicals' series, now focusing on the forgotten and obscure works from the Broadway stage. The new 'Lost Broadway' series will see each individual album dedicated to specific years in the Broadway calendar, launching with 'Lost Broadway 1961' on May 31st. Work has already begun on future volumes in this exciting new series which will feature previously unavailable recordings of songs from such forgotten Broadway musicals as 'Rumple', 'Shangri-La', 'The Vamp', 'Copper And Brass', 'Beg Borrow Or Steal', 'Nowhere To Go But Up' and many more."

'Lost Broadway 1961' is released on May 31st 2019
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Disc 1 - Original Broadway Cast Recordings
1. The Glory That Is Greece (from 'The Happiest Girl In The World') - Cyril Ritchard, Company
2. The Happiest Girl In The World (from 'The Happiest Girl In The World') - Dran Seitz, Bruce Yarnell
3. Shalom (from 'Milk And Honey') - Robert Weede, Mimi Benzell
4. Milk And Honey (from 'Milk And Honey') - Tommy Rall, Juki Arkin
5. Chin Up, Ladies (from 'Milk And Honey') - Molly Picon
6. Ride ThroughThe Night (from 'Subways Are For Sleeping') - Carol Lawrence
7. I'm Just Taking My Time (from 'Subways Are For Sleeping') - Sydney Chaplin
8. Comes Once In A Lifetime (from 'Subways Are For Sleeping') - Sydney Chaplin, Carol Lawrence
9. Sail Away (from 'Sail Away') - James Hurst
10. Beatnik Love Affair (from 'Sail Away') - Grover Dale
11. Why Do The Wrong People Travel (from 'Sail Away') - Elaine Stritch
12. Hey Jimmy, Joe, John, Jim, Jack (from 'Let It Ride!') - George Gobel
13. Let It Ride (from 'Let It Ride!') - Sam Levene, Company
14. His Own Little Island (from 'Let It Ride!') - George Gobel
15. Sez I (from 'Donnybrook!') - Joan Fagan, Company
16. He Makes Me Feel I'm Lovely (from 'Donnybrook!') - Joan Fagan
17. Yes, My Heart (from 'Carnival') - Anna Maria Alberghetti
18. Her Face (from 'Carnival') - Jerry Orbach
19. Love Makes The World Go 'Round (from 'Carnival') - Anna Maria Alberghetti
20. Magic Moment (from 'The Gay Life') - Barbara Cook
21. Who Can? You Can! (from 'The Gay Life') - Walter Chiari, Barbara Cook
22. Sweet Danger (from 'Kean') - Alfred Drake
23. Willow, Willow, Willow (from 'Kean') - Lee Venora
24. What's Wrong With Me (from 'Kwamina') - Sally Ann Howes
25. Another Time, Another Place (from 'Kwamina') - Sally Ann Howes

Disc 2 - 'Covers & Rarities'
1. Rough Times (from 'The Conquering Hero') - Percussion Unlimited
2. Past The Age Of Innocence (from 'The Conquering Hero') - Marilyn Michaels
3. Can You Imagine That? (from 'Carnival') - Joni and Tony
4. Her Face (from 'Carnival') - Mel Torme
5. Love Makes The World Go 'Round (from 'Carnival') - Jane Morgan
6. He Makes Me Feel I'm Lovely (from 'Donnybrook!') - Jane Morgan
7. The Day The Snow Is Meltin' (from 'Donnybrook!') - Pete King Chorale
8. If It Isn't Ev'rything (from 'Donnybrook!') - Pete King Chorale
9. Puka Puka Pants (from '13 Daughters') - Jo Ann Campbell
10. Let A Go Your Heart (from '13 Daughters') - James Kaina
11. You Set My Heart To Music (from '13 Daughters') - Johnny Mathis
12. Magic Moment (from 'The Gay Life') - Nat King Cole
13. Something You Never Had Before (from 'The Gay Life') - Vic Damone
14. Who Can? You Can! (from 'The Gay Life') - Margaret Whiting
15. Sail Away (from 'Sail Away') - Gordon MacRae
16. Go Slow, Johnny (from 'Sail Away') (Pop Version) - James Hurst
17. This Is A Changing World (cut from 'Sail Away') - Dinah Shore
18. The Happiest Girl In The World (from 'The Happiest Girl In The World') - Polly Bergen
19. Adrift On A Star (from 'The Happiest Girl In The World') - Gogi Grant
20. What's Wrong With Me (from 'Kwamina') - Joanie Sommers
21. Another Time, Another Place (from 'Kwamina') - Robert Goulet
22. Who Knows What Might Have Been (from 'Subways Are For Sleeping') - Doris Day
23. When You Help A Friend Out (from 'Subways Are For Sleeping') - The Kirby Stone Four
24. Comes Once In A Lifetime (from 'Subways Are For Sleeping') - Judy Garland
25. Sweet Danger (from 'Kean') - Judy Garland
26. To Look Upon My Love (from 'Kean') - Richard Hayes
27. Chime In (from 'Kean') - The Three Young Men (From Montana)
28. Hey Jimmy, Joe, John, Jim, Jack (from 'Let It Ride!') - Jimmy Elledge
29. Let It Ride (from 'Let It Ride!') - The Blue Chips
30. Milk And Honey (from 'Milk And Honey') - The Limeliters
31. I Will Follow You (from 'Milk And Honey') - Gloria Lynne
32. Shalom (from 'Milk And Honey') - Eddie Fisher

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