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Roxana Line Has Released New Track 'Marry Me'

Roxana Line Has Released New Track 'Marry Me'

The track is the third chapter of her upcoming concept album.

Roxana Line who often refers to her self-produced solo project as "one-girl band" has revealed the third chapter of her upcoming concept album, 60% WonderWorlds, 40% Tragedies titled "Marry Me."

Her latest track delivers you on the doorstep of a 19th century wedding, where our protagonist, a sorrowful bride, longs for escape from an arranged matrimony. As fate would have it, a wayward circus trope creeps into town to offer her a place on their "never-ending tour." If you're imagining something between My Chemical Romance's "Helena" and Panic! At The Disco's "I Write Sins Not Tragedies," you'd be spot on.

Roxana shared, "'Marry Me' is about coming of age while being trapped in circumstances outside your control. It's about fighting for being accepted for who you truly are. It's also about losing a part of yourself while going through various psychological traumas - this is why most of my characters are undead - they fight for themselves but there can't be a truly happy ending when they lose a huge part of themselves in the process."

"Marry Me" opens with an eerie, walking bass line and subdued, old-timey vocal-styling of Roxana Line as she sets the stage for the lurid tale about to unfold. She ascends into an emo, rock opera with an enormous range of shimmering vocals, melodic guitar tones and punchy riffs.

"...1839. You are receiving an invitation to a wedding which turns into a truly macabre event. Mara Lazarescu was the daughter of impoverished aristocrats who immigrated to Grim Town generations ago. In order to keep their position in society and improve their financial situation, the family decided to arrange a wedding of their only daughter and a son of a wealthy baron. Everyone was pleased and full of aspirations... except the bride.... The young lady was devastated, spending days locked in her room, crying and praying to let her go free of obligations.

But the rumors and social pressure were on, and the family was determined. Eventually, she concluded - if she couldn't keep her free will, she would end her journey on her own terms. Luckily, an old circus was traveling through the town on that rainy day, and the troupe was looking for another lost soul to join their never-ending tour... Mara miraculously escaped only to reappear several months later for a tremendous wedding ceremony that half of the town was invited to. However, it didn't take long for the guests to realize that what they all gathered for was not a wedding, but rather a funeral..."

The video for "Marry Me" was written and produced by Roxana Line, directed by Vaughn and Kally Khourshid. The video stars Roxana Line as Mara Lazarescu, Jennifer Faneuff as Mara's Mother, Henry Maynard as Groom and Jon Enge as Priest.

Roxana Line is a "one-girl-band" who seamlessly blends emo, musicals and rock influences in a self-contained, easter-egg-filled universe of musical fairy tales. After writing and fully arranging songs since the age of 13, fronting three bands (first of which she founded while still in high-school) and finally making a move to Los Angeles in 2019, she is now ready to bring all of her music together under this solo project. Her goal is to use this platform to tell stories through intertwined lyrics, harmony, and visual art.

Watch the new music video here:

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