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Pianist Donna Weng Friedman to Premiere New Recordings of Music by Kim D. Sherman and Stefania de Kenessey

These recordings will be part of an exciting new music marathon on Classical Discoveries, WPRB 103.3FM - Thursday 10am (EST) to Friday 10am

Pianist Donna Weng Friedman to Premiere New Recordings of Music by Kim D. Sherman and Stefania de Kenessey

Pianist Donna Weng Friedman will premiere recordings of two solo piano albums: Microvids by Stefania de Kenessey and Unfathomable Things by Kim D. Sherman on Classical Discoveries's "Viva 21st Century 50/50" - WPRB 103.3FM

These recordings will be part of an exciting marathon of new music beginning this Thursday at 10am (EST) and ending Friday, 10am here.

Pianist Donna Weng Friedman's recent recordings of two new solo piano albums will be premiered on the award-winning radio program Classical Discoveries, WPRB 103.3FM. This Thursday and Friday, as part of a 24-hour marathon called Viva 21st Century, host Marvin Rosen will feature Microvids, a set of 19 short piano pieces by Stefania de Kenessey and 7 pieces from Unfathomable Things by Kim D. Sherman, all performed by pianist Donna Weng Friedman.

Kim D. Sherman's Unfathomable Things is comprised of fifteen short works for solo piano. The music on this album is about nature, meditations on time and space, walking, human connection and other unfathomable things. Every piece tells a story.

Composed during the pandemic, Stefania de Kenessy's 19 short pieces from Microvids reflect feelings, thoughts, and moments in time that came as a result of and as a way to process, the everyday struggle with uncertainty, anxiety, worry, and isolation, while also celebrating those intermittent moments of relief, gratitude and even joy.

When asked about these recordings, Ms. Weng Friedman replied "Recording both albums was truly a labor of love. I am thrilled that they will air this week on Classical Discoveries, because I want listening audiences to hear how new music can capture your heart with soaring melodies, heartbreakingly beautiful harmonies, and exciting passages - just like the great classics we all know and love. Bravo to host Marvin Rosen for always championing music by living composers!"

Fun facts: Microvids was recorded on a Fazioli concert grand, hand-crafted in Italy and Unfathomable Things was recorded on Richard Rodgers' Steinway grand, the piano that The Sound of Music was composed on!

The marathon title "Viva 21st Century 50/50" refers to the fact that there will be as equal a representation of men and women composers as possible on the program.

Tune in to hear "Classical Discoveries" with host Marvin Rosen on WPRB, Princeton, NJ at 103.3 FM for local listeners and online at this Thursday, December 30 at 10:00am (EST) until Friday, December 31 at 10:00am.

Watch Friedman perform "Prelude" by Beata Moon here:

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