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Papa Rosko Drops New Video '1984'

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Cameras everywhere, pervasive government surveillance of citizens, rampant totalitarianism.

Papa Rosko Drops New Video '1984'

Big Brother is Watching You; 1984's Totalitarian Society as Depicted in George Orwell's Classic Novel Comes to Fruition Several Decades Later in Video "1984"

Watch "1984" Video below. Cameras everywhere, pervasive government surveillance of citizens, rampant totalitarianism, never-ending war and the growing intrusion of privacy-stealing big tech and social media that have infiltrated our lives. Humanity has never been so close to Orwell's 1984's character of Big Brother. This video emphatically proves...he is already here!

The newly released video "1984" compares the current state of affairs on planet earth to the dystopian world featured in George Orwell's classic novel 1984.

When asked about the video, creator Papa Rosko said, "I wrote '1984' to sound the alarm that we are fast and irreversibly approaching the dystopian, totalitarian society immortalized in George Orwell's novel 1984. In some places, Big Brother is definitely here...China, North Korea and others. The Chinese dictatorship has implemented personal scorecards where citizens will be monitored 24/7 and ranked on their behavior! China is using big tech and social media to create a social score for each of their 1.4 billion citizens with the help of non-government enterprises like Google and Facebook. These "American" companies are helping the Chinese government create new ways to oppress their people! I mean, WTF?"

Papa Rosko continued, "If you think what they're doing in China today can't be replicated here, soon, you have not been paying attention. You've been distracted by take-no-prisoners partisan political fighting, intentionally-fomented division from acerbic, vitriolic discourse, and incessant claims of fake news and actual fake news. This is all to distract from what is really threatening us. The infrastructure is already in place, big tech and Washington are becoming more and more insidiously enmeshed and we are slowly but surely becoming more and more entrapped under the heavy hand of Big Brother. Wake up people!"

"1984" is on the just-released, self-titled album Papa Rosko, which debuted at #5 on iTunes reggae and #2 on amazon reggae charts, three songs from which are currently being played on 66 radio stations in 19 countries.

Watch the video here:


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