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MuMu Shares 'Wrapped Up (Post Roe)' Single

MuMu Shares 'Wrapped Up (Post Roe)' Single

The single is accompanied by a live session performance video.

With the recent, abhorrent overturning of Roe v. Wade at the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court, NYC singer-songwriter MuMu felt a responsibility to share a live session of her track "Wrapped Up," a song that retells the challenges of unplanned pregnancy. It expresses the vitality of one's right to choose, and the detrimental effects of those rights being taken away.

Now, "Wrapped Up (Post Roe)" is available via all DSPs.

Speaking on her newest single and its significance, MuMu wrote:

"When I recorded this song with my producer Jamie Lawrence, in between takes, I buckled over in pain. I had cramps and not because it was my time of the month, but because the stories in this song are exceptionally painful to tell.

Verse 1 is about a small girl in a little town. She's being raised by a neglectful mother who has had a string of abusive relationships. This little girl finds solace in a boy who tells her everything she wants to hear, for selfish reasons. She ends up needing an abortion and when she gets to the clinic, protestors scream and throw rocks at her. 'They wanted a child to have a child of her own.'

Verse 2 is about a college student who's worked hard in school and has big dreams for her future. She is drugged and raped at a party. Her mother blames her and pressures her to carry the baby to term. She kisses her future goodbye.

Verse 3 is about a single mother of six. She does not receive child support and works around the clock to support her children. When her ex stops by one night, she ends up pregnant again. She lives in a state without access to abortion care and she doesn't have the funds or the time to travel somewhere that does. In a desperate moment, she tries to miscarriage at home. It goes terribly wrong.

We can compare scientific articles; we can share op-eds and argue until the sun comes up. But it's not my place to tell you that you're wrong. I just tell stories - real stories about living, breathing women who have been overlooked and underheard.

I've had the honor of supporting friends while they go through the process of getting an abortion. I've never for a second gotten the impression that the process was easy.

'Wrapped Up' is a love song to all the women out there who have braved the storm of misunderstanding. All the women who were pressured into a life they didn't choose. All the women who resisted. All the women who rose up. And all the women who fell. I love you. You deserve better than this."

MuMu shares the following links, saying:

The fight isn't over. USE YOUR VOICE.

Listen to the new single here:

Watch the new music video here:

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