MUSEXPO Montreal 'ESSENTIAL BEATS' Conference Held, Oct. 11-12

Sat Bisla, President & Founder of MUSEXPO and of the A&R Worldwide organization based in Beverly Hills, CA and Nicolas Lemieux, President of Sphere Musique and GSI Musique of Montreal are delighted to announce their association for the presentation of the international event MUSEXPO Montréal "Essential Beats," to be held today, October 11 and the 12th, 2012 at the Delta Centre-ville.

MUSEXPO is the quintessential International conference for all music and concert industry professionals. After Los Angeles, London and Perth, Australia, the event is now presented for the first time in Canada. A crossroads of upbeat, rhythmically-oriented music, be it pop, dance, hip hop or electronica, this event assembles the biggest decision-makers in the international music, communications and multimedia industries, artists and media representatives who cultivate an interest in upbeat, rhythmically oriented music and want to be involved in its evolution.

Since its creation in 2005, the MUSEXPO conference has become one of the most respected and influential events in the fields of music and communications. Major artists including Katy Perry, Jessie J and LMFAO have made their debuts here. Personalities like and Larry King, managers of pop music's biggest artists (Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Linkin Park, etc.) and Presidents of the largest entertainment companies in the world regularly participate.<

Music and entertainment industry professionals can register for the conference immediately by visiting the website, available in French and English, where they'll find all the useful, user-friendly information on the event, including schedules, conferences, music showcases and registration fees.

Artists interested in submitting their applications to be part of the selection of 16 showcases presented during the event are invited to do so through Sonicbids, on the site.

MUSEXPO Montréal "Essential Beats" is an exciting, inspiring, influential and essential event for all music industry professionals.

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