Leticia Rodriguez Garza's 'Sagüita Al Bate' Breaks Into World Music Charts

Leticia Rodriguez Garza's 'Sagüita Al Bate' Breaks Into World Music Charts

Leticia Rodriguez Garza's new song Sagüita Al Bate (released on August 16, 2014) jumped in the CMJ World Music Charts at #9 this week. The new release has received radio support from key tastemaker stations including KEXP, KUTX, WBEZ, WRUV, and more launching it into the top 10 most played world music releases nationally over at college and non-commercial radio stations. Link to listen to "Sagüita Al Bate"
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Leticia Rodriguez Garza is a singer, bandleader, dancer, choreographer and the producer, writer and director of the one-woman show Canciones For Generations. To develop the show, she spent two years interviewing family members and, in the process, rediscovered the music of her aunt, Eva Garza.

The Sagüita Al Bate EP includes three songs from her debut album La Americana and a recording of "Sagüita Al Bate" Rodriguez made with her band. The title tune, "Sagüita Al Bate," was written in the 50s as a mambo but Rodriguez and her Austin band play it as a cumbia/salsa fusion. Isaac Peña, who arranged the song with Scotty McIntosh, produced the track. The arrangement opens with Peña's multi-tracked trumpets and the tenor and baritone saxes of McIntosh adding a conjunto-like feel to the proceedings. Greg Jones' smooth guitar groove, Daniel Durham's attention to the downbeat and Mosgofian's cool rhythms and stops makes standing still impossible. The ensemble is peerless and Rodriguez, as is dictated by the saucy lyrics, sings it with a wry, theatrical flair.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Fri./Sat. 09/12/14 & 09/13/14 @Lusos [MORE INFO] - Seattle, WA
Thu. 09/18/14 @ Central Market North [MORE INFO] - Austin, TX
Sat. 09/20/14 @ Swan Dive [MORE INFO] - Austin, TX
Fri./Sat. 10/17/14 @ Texas Jazz Festival [MORE INFO] - Corpus Christi, TX
Sat. 11/15/14 @ Swan Dive [MORE INFO] - Austin, TX
Sun. 12/07/14 - Thu. 12/18/14 @ Havana Jazz Festival [MORE INFO] - Havana, Cuba
Sat. 12/20/14 @ Swan Dive [MORE INFO] - Austin, TX

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