Lea Michele & Darren Criss Tease Multiple Sondheim Songs On Next Week's GLEE

Lea Michele & Darren Criss Tease Multiple Sondheim Songs On Next Week's GLEE

Lea Michele & Darren Criss Tease Multiple Sondheim Songs On Next Week's GLEEFellow Broadway headliners and Glee breakout stars Lea Michele and Darren Criss comment on the next upcoming episode of FOX's hit musical dramedy series titled "Bash" and reveal new details about some of the songs being performed - including a handful by the one and only original Broadway baby himself, Stephen Sondheim!

As originally exclusively revealed to me in our recent InDepth InterView last month, Michele confirmed that the INTO THE WOODS anthem "No One Is Alone" would be performed in the episode by Darren Criss and company, as well as another song or two by master composer/lyricist Stephen Sondheim.

Check out my InDepth InterView with Lea Michele all about GLEE, "No One Is Alone" and much more, available here.

Besides "No One Is Alone", another Sondheim gem will be presented on next week's GLEE, as well: "Broadway Baby" from FOLLIES.

"I'd say this is probably my type of day at GLEE," Michele says of the Broadway-centric song selections on next week's show.

"To be sentimental for a second, I am really happy that I get to sing this song with you because we are like Broadway babies," Criss says to Michele in a new interview clip.

"We love Stephen Sondheim and we're, like, Broadway theatre geeks who love singing this music, so it's really special," Criss concludes of the opportunity.

In addition to "No One Is Alone" and "Broadway Baby", the Sondheim staples "I'm Still Here" and "Not While I'm Around" are also rumored to be included in this week's ep, as well.

A veritable Sondheim feast!

The official description of GLEE's "Bash" is as follows: "With opening night of Funny Girl rapidly approaching - and despite the producer's concerns - Rachel is granted one night off of rehearsals so she can complete her NYADA "Midwinter Critique" for the much feared and revered Carmen Tibideaux. When her performance doesn't go quite as planned, Rachel finds herself facing an important decision that pits her education against her career. After the close proximity of Sam and Mercedes' living arrangements leads to the seemingly inevitable hook-up, he tries once again to rekindle their romance. But Mercedes - despite her clear attraction to Sam - hesitates, worried about how dating (as one of her backup singers puts it) "a white, unemployed dude she met in her high school Glee Club" may adversely affect her public image and burgeoning recording career. Meanwhile, Kurt gets a harsh lesson in the difference between life in high school and in the real world when he butts up against an all-too-familiar enemy, but he makes an important realization about himself in the process."

Check out the original article on the matter here.


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