Hip Hop's Skipp Whitman Releases 5 AM Album

Hip Hop's Skipp Whitman Releases 5 AM Album

"5 AM" is Skipp's first full-length project using no samples, just original melodic inspiration & word instinct. Artists Louie Bello (the upgrade) and Sophia Lauren (wont change) collaborated with him. Most of the album was produced between the hours of 4 and 7 AM.

His previous album, "Skipp City" featured the single, 'FAMOUS,' which reached #2 on the college radio charts. The video was directed and produced by John Colombo.

In this new album, Skipp exposes his personal experiences and points of view on situations, and says words meant for people that were never said before. It's a biopic on the life he's led up til now. A reflection not only on the grind of getting by but on the dreams of getting ahead, on the cities, experiences, and people he's known, all fueled by a persistent love that keeps him up at night and makes him get up in the morning.

5 AM Track List

1. intro
2. i wont change, ft Sophia Luren
3. la in the rain
4. it sucks being broke
5. Stevie Wonder
6. spend it all
7. dreams
8. the upgrade, ft. Louie Bello
9. when i let go
10. i've come too far
11. her
12. da da-da
13. outro

5 AM by Skipp Whitman is now available on all major online music stores including: Amazon, iTunes Worldwide, Amazon, GooglePlay, rdio.com, Rhapsody, Spotify, zune.<