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Hawthonn Releases New Single 'Dream Cairn' From Forthcoming Album


Hawthonn's new album will be released October 22.

Hawthonn Releases New Single 'Dream Cairn' From Forthcoming Album

Hawthonn has released a new single, "Dream Cairn" from their entrancing new album, "Earth Mirror", which will be released October 22nd on Ba Da Bing Records.

Galvanized by their deep knowledge of occult history, Hawthonn intertwines literary references with field recordings, enchanting vocals and minimal instrumentation to make a mesmerizing musical work. Each song waxes and wanes like phases of the moon, while the album's themes source from visions and dreams. Earth Mirror offers a powerful connection between the music and the musician.

An Earth Mirror is a magical device. Found in German occult literature, it is a clod of earth sandwiched between layers of glass. Gazing into the Earth Mirror is said to reveal the locations of hidden treasures. Magical visions and the revelation of mysteries in the landscape are two prominent features of Earth Mirror, the new album by Layla & Phil Legard alias Hawthonn, and their second for Ba Da Bing.

On Earth Mirror, Layla's heavenly voice accompanies a sonic palette encompassing field recordings of ice cracking on an ancient Corpse Road, mysterious hymns sung in disused medieval chapels, spectrally processed horse shrieks, electronic textures, rumbling organ, crystalline electric piano, and modulated jaw harp.

Listen to the new track here:

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