Grammy-winning Producer Damon Elliott Returns As Solo-Recording Artist

Grammy-winning Producer Damon Elliott Returns As Solo-Recording ArtistGrammy-winning producer Damon Elliott is returning as solo-recording artist NomaD with new release Grown Tingz on NomaD Crew/Mensch House Records out September 28 at all digital outlets. Grown Tingz was inspired by life challenges and breaking through it all, and features a stellar line-up of reggae, soul and mainstream artists including Fiji, Eli Mac, Hirie, Josh Tatofi & Maoli, Chardonnay, Morgan Heritage, Dionne Warwick, Gladys Knight, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Mya among others. Purchase link HERE.

Comments Elliott: "Grown Tingz was inspired by life, growing up and the challenges that we all face when we become adults - fear, anger, self-doubt, a heart attack, insecurity and so on. When you finally have your breakthrough and you get that feeling of knowing that you are all grown - that what Grown Tingz is all about"

Elliott, who was nominated for "Best Break Out Artist" this year for iHeart Radio's inaugural "Island Music Awards," reinvented himself as NomaD in 2016 after suffering a heart attack. The health scare prompted his move from LA to Hawaii after realizing his true calling: to awaken others through music. He founded his label NomaD Crew, signing legendary Fijian Reggae artist George "Fiji" Veikoso, pioneer of the Pacific Island sound, who helped break NomaD's first single "Take It All" as producer. "Take It All" hit #1 on iHeart Radio's Island 98.5 and 93.1's Da Pa'lna for four consecutive weeks and maintained a top 5 spot for several more weeks.

NomaD's single "Perfect Timing" off Grown Tingz is among the most requested songs on Island 98.5's Top 5 at 5.

All songs on Grown Tingz were mixed by Damon Elliott at NomaD Crew Studios in Honolulu, HI. All songs were mastered by Andy Kravitz at Studio 4 West Recording in Venice Beach, CA.

Track By Track

Take It All

Fiji and I wanted to write a song that wasn't your typical love song. Take It All? is more about what happens after the flame is gone and the love is gone, and all that comes along with going through a breakup. When you just want to be done and are ready to move on.

Perfect Timing

?This track was inspired by meeting someone new right at the moment when you really need that somebody in your life to balance things out and give you what you need. And then boom, there she is. Her timing is perfect.


?Static refers to where we are in the world right now as a society; when things seem unclear and messages are garbled.

King Of The Jungle

?The song is self-explanatory. It talks about why people never wish you well in the struggle of life, when you're really going through it, and how everybody wants to be on top, but they don't want to see you rise to the top.

Flame In The Night

?This is a song that is very dear to me. It's about that special person who is always there for you. And, it can even just be a friend. It's about somebody that's just there for you when you really need them; they always answer the phone; they always take that extra time to make sure you're really truly doing well.


?This is a song that I did with Eli Mac. It's just kind of a fun throwback record that talks about what's up after the fight: when you've both come around, you don't want to fight anymore, and you say, let's just have fun, it's all good.


?I can't take any credit for it, Lionel Richie wrote that song. But my take on it is finding someone that you really want badly-you want to be around them and be with them-and you're just hoping that they feel the same way about you.

Grown Tingz

?The title track of the album, and that's exactly what it is about, being grown, doing grown things, meeting that somebody and saying hey let's do grown tingz-ya'll know what that is.


?It's about celebrating life, love, happiness, and the blessings that we all tend to overlook-celebrate!

New Moon Intentions

?This is very special to me. It's about celebrating a new moon, and/or a full moon; a new moon brings new hope. What I do when it's a new moon, I write my intentions, I go out to the beach, I burn them, and it's just between me and the moon. I love this song a lot because my brother actually did the music and co-produced it with me.

Girl You're Beautiful

It's about when you tell someone they're beautiful just the way they are. It's the flaws, that little scar or that personality quirk, that's what makes you beautiful.

Darling Dear

?This was written by myself, Josh Tatofi, and Glenn from Maoli. It's one of those songs we had a good time writing. It's that feeling when you're singing to that special person, darling dear it's just the two of us, it's very romantic in my opinion, a very romantic love ballad.

Think Twice

?A duet I did with Chardonnay. A song that says you don't have to think twice, you know I got you, and it's all love. When I was writing it with Fiji, we were thinking about your average worker, working nine to five, coming home and telling his wife that she never has to question his love and commitment, and when he comes home we always got some good lovin'.

?Let There Be Light

?The inspiration behind this song is the thought that, especially in today's world, what we really need is love and light. And if we seek that, and we seek the truth, then we can all get along and we can all have a happy happy time while we're on this planet doing grown tingz.

Tour Dates

Oct 3 Las Vegas. NV Brooklyn Bowl

Oct 4 San Diego, CA The Observatory North Park

Oct 5 Hermosa Beach, CA Sainte Rocke

Oct 6 Santa Ana, CA The Observatory

Oct 7 Big Bear Lake, CA The Cave Big Bear

About Damon Elliott

A seven time Grammy nominee with a win for producing Lady Marmalade featuring Moulin Rouge, Elliott has five #1 singles including his remake of Lionel Richie's "Hello" and has generated more than 150 million in record sales. As a producer he's worked with Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, Pink, Christina Aquilera, Britney Spears, Macy Gray and Destiny's Child among others. He is the son of R&B/soul legend Dionne Warwick.

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