'Fake Celebrity' BRETT COHEN Releases Next Viral Video, "Hotter Than Fire"

Last summer, Brett Cohen's "Fake Celebrity Pranks New York City" went viral on YouTube, showcasing his successful entourage stunt pulled in Times Square. One of the fooled New Yorkers that night thought that Cohen was a famous singer, and that's where Brett came up with the concept for his next project. He has written, recorded, and performed a song that is intended to parody mainstream music's appeal by having all the qualities needed to become a Top 40 hit in today's market.

Cohen is not a singer or songwriter, but with the help of top music producers, he believed that putting out a hit song wouldn't be very hard. "I listen to a lot of music, and it's clear to me that as long as a song is catchy and the lyrics are about partying, it's a hit. 'Hotter Than Fire' is my attempt at proving that formula to be true" says Cohen.

Brett claims to have written the lyrics to "Hotter Than Fire" in less than 30 minutes. "My goal was to make a song that's blatantly mainstream. By following the usual formula of pop music, I've created what is, essentially, the perfect song. I didn't do anything different than a legitimate recording artist, except that I'm upfront about my lack of musical talent."

The song was produced by the Grammy-nominated duo Mig & Rizzo (Steve Migliore and Mike Rizzo), who have previously collaborated with the likes of Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Usher, and countless other chart-topping artists. Cohen found them after researching appropriate producers for the song. Mig & Rizzo jumped on board immediately, having already seen Brett's previous work, and saw the enormous potential of this project.

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